Unpublished Benefits of Velocity Platinum Status?

Unpublished Benefits of Velocity Platinum Status?Velocity Platinum is the highest status level available to frequent flyers with Virgin Australia (other than “The Club” which is invitation-only.)

Platinum status comes with a range of useful published benefits. There are the usual perks like lounge access (with up to 3 guests), priority check-in, priority boarding, bonus points and an increased baggage allowance. There are also a range of benefits for Velocity Platinum members that are unique to Virgin Australia. These include complimentary Economy X seats, guaranteed award availability for a family holiday and four annual complimentary Velocity Platinum upgrades.

But does Virgin Australia offer its Velocity Platinum members any extra, unpublished benefits? This question was asked on our forum this week by an AFF member with a freshly minted Platinum card.

I’m about to hit VA Platinum for the first time. There’s all the obvious benefits but I was wondering if there are any unwritten benefits. Eg on QF long haul I often notice QF Platinum+ members getting business class amenities when seated in Economy. Is there anything like that with VA? Or anything else I should know about?

The overwhelming majority of members believe that there are very few additional benefits of Velocity Platinum status, beyond those published on the Virgin Australia website. But a number of members have found that their Platinum status has got them better treatment and allowed some airline staff to bend the rules a little bit. For example, one Velocity Platinum member managed to get various flight change fees waived and has also received assistance with fixing a family pooling issue when the airline technically did not have to.

I find that being Plat often allows agents to bend the rules a tiny bit. And unless I missed the secret handshake, that is about it.

Several Platinum members report receiving better treatment from Virgin Australia in the event of a flight delay or cancellation.

Not sure if it is written or not, but the two times that my flight has been cancelled (last flight of day) I was given two taxi vouchers (so I could leave by myself and immediately) rather than having to wait for the bus to the allocated hotel with everyone else. They also put us up in a ‘higher level’ hotel. I’m not sure if it was platinum only, but there were only a few people called up to the desk, and it wasn’t everyone in the lounge.

Velocity Platinum members have previously reported that call centre agents have been able to open up additional Velocity reward seats for Business Class rewards and upgrades. If seats are still available 7 days before departure on a flight you wish to book, it can be worth calling to ask.

Qantas has a similar unpublished benefit that allows Platinum Qantas frequent flyers to request the release of additional award seats on Qantas flights. Qantas also sometimes offers special treatment to Platinum flyers on international flights. This can include a personal greeting, first meal choice and (sometimes, if you ask nicely and they are available) business class amenity kits.

Both Qantas and Virgin Australia also typically hand out Express Path cards to Platinum flyers when departing or arriving in Australia on an international flight.

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