The practice of taking a “selfie” is by no means a new one when it comes to our member’s trip reports. While many of our members prefer to capture the scene sans author, others happily include the odd mug shot or two. Some even go to the extent of putting their face into almost every picture. One of our regular trip reporters has a somewhat unusual way of doing a “selfie”, thanks to a custom beanie that could almost result in them getting arrested as a bank robber in some scenarios. This week, that beanie is on yet another journey.

This is a leisurely trip, with only 9 sectors over the next 10 days in all classes. I will even have a bit of time for some leisure. Looking forward to a day or so in New York. Pictures and experiences to follow, but started with a silly o’clock pick up by Brunel Chauffeur (courtesy of QF) getting to BNE in plenty of time. But definitely better than getting stuck on (the) Gateway Motorway.

With numerous flights planned within the United States, it will be interesting to see how much the beanie makes an appearance in the report. Given the penchant for strict security when travelling domestically in the United States, it might pay to keep it locked away at times. Fortunately things are a bit more casual at home, where all good trips start with a journey to the Qantas First Class lounge.

Time to try some of the lunch menu. Sashimi of Yellow fin tuna, with organic soy and fresh horseradish. The tuna was fresh, melting. The soy was a little dominant (hard to do subtle soy sauce), and the horseradish was almost non-existent in its subtlety. Crispy duck with Brocolini, shiitake, sesame, ginger & jasmine rice: It was indeed crispy. The ginger again wasn’t there, and garlic dominated the sauce. Brocolini a little overdone for my taste.

With lunch over, it’s soon time for boarding. As luck would have it, our travelling beanie has won the upgrade lottery, and will be travelling in First Class for the long leg to the USA. For those that have never been on the A380 in First Class, we are treated to some nice photos of what to expect. Please note, wearing socks matching your beanie is strictly optional!

After take off, we are soon treated to more food pictures, and then the journey takes a strange and somewhat unexpected turn. Rather than the normal beanie wearing selfie we have come to expect, it seems our traveller has been replaced by a character from the infamous children’s books “where’s Wally”!

What happened to our traveller was the beanie evicted from First Class, and who is Wally anyway? To possibly find out the answers to those questions, you will have to enjoy another fine trip report from one of our regular contributors HERE.


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