Following a recent trip to Japan, our member Noel Mugavin has put together a detailed trip report. This ultimate Japan travel guide that shows the best of what Japan has to offer.

The trip began well. For a country famous for its efficiency, our member was not let down after arriving in Tokyo on an early morning Singapore Airlines flight.

Quickly through immigration, 2 minute wait for bags and straight through customs. Suica Card machine to the left, easily purchased one of those, then up the escalator and on to the monorail in less than about 3 minutes. Quite impressed with how easy I was able to transfer at Hanamatsucho to Tokyo Station, not so impressed with the rain and cold.

After a short time seeing the many sights in the capital, a high-speed train was used to reach Osaka. The Tokyo-Osaka train passes by Mount Fuji, creating some excellent photo opportunities.

Just outside of Osaka is Kobe. There are many things to see and do in Kobe, including the Shin-Kobe Ropeway and various museums. For a unique culinary experience, our member also decided to visit a restaurant called Moriya. It’s not every day that you eat a $150 piece of steak with chopsticks!

I hadn’t made a reservation at Moriya, however this wasn’t an issue, as I was directed upstairs (thanks for that!), and soon had my chef approach, show me my steak and ask how I would like it cooked. Corn soup, salad, green tea, strange tasting bread, and my 150g steak, and entertainment for the serving staff as I chased my steak around the plate with the chopsticks, all for just under $150AUS. Very nice tasting steak, would I pay for it again? Probably not.

Heading north from Osaka to the city of Kyoto, our correspondent visited the beautiful Kinkaku-ji Temple. The Buddhist temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan, and for good reason.

Headed off to Kinkajuji, not knowing 100% how I would get there from the train station in the area. Not to worry, as through the station gates was a sign directing you to ‘bus for Kinkajuji’. Short walk around a couple of corners, and then wow! Seen many photos, took many photos, but don’t think any can do it justice. Bright clear day, was just magical.

During their time in Japan our member made excellent use of their Japan Rail (JR) Pass. These passes are great for tourists that plan to travel around Japan by train as they offer unlimited travel for a set period of time.

Although our member experienced some difficulties due to a bad knee, they persevered with the assistance of some painkillers. The decision to continue the trip was not regretted! It looks like a fantastic time was had experiencing the many delights of Japan.

For detailed commentary and photos of many of the sights Japan has to offer, you won’t want to miss this trip report. Check out this ultimate Japan travel guide HERE.


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