Stuck between an obese flyer and a hard place

fat-paxOne member this week bemoans having to share their seat with a fellow passenger whose size is not well-equipped for a standard seat. In a case of seat invasion, our member had a very uncomfortable journey. The situation is not fair on anyone involved- it can be embarrassing for the overweight passenger and uncomfortable for their unfortunate neighbour.

Our member is not alone and many of our members have shared similar experiences. It is a sensitive topic and ought to be dealt with tact on behalf of all involved. When the situation arises; some passengers have discreetly asked to be moved to provide them more room. Others have been bolder and requested an upgrade given they are not receiving the full use of the seat they paid for.

Some members opine that the size of passengers ought to be dealt with in the same manner as overweight baggage and larger travellers ought to pay for additional space on the aircraft. Others believe it is the airlines responsibility to accommodate the ever-growing size of the population and comfort seats ought to be an obligatory requirement for overweight or exceptionally tall passengers.

Share your take on the seating squeeze HERE.


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