Scotland and England, assistance required

This week’s trip report is from one of our seasoned journal writers. Known for their adventurous nature, and choice of golf attire, this trip is a little different to the norm for them. Thanks to a pre-planned bit of hip surgery, and an unplanned fall for the other half, we are going to get an idea of what it’s like to travel with assistance.

We soon get some hints this trip is not going to be the normal experience one can expect when heading to the other side of the world. Most of us will head to the Doctor to make sure we get the necessary shots for our travels. Our roving Doctor on the other hand, finds himself in an area where exposure to exotic diseases is common, just days before departure.

The other place I went was the (Townsville) Botanic Gardens. Lots of mosquitoes and as we had diagnosed 3 cases of new Dengue fever I wondered if I should leave before seeing everything. Didn’t help when the first path I took led through a large flying fox colony so was it Dengue or Hendra virus I was going to take back to the Sunny Coast. Fortunately neither.

Disease free, we are soon on the journey to places far away. For a couple that are facing some mobility limitations, what better way to prepare for the rigor of long distance travel, than to first experience long hours with the grandkids.

So tomorrow we start our adventure. QF533 BNE-SYD. However our first week is on Grandparent duty whilst our son and his wife are off to Philly for a 10 year reunion. As I will be the only one able to go up and down stairs I will be on bathing and dressing duty. It will be full on from 0630 to 1930.I don’t expect any time to do any updates until we are resident in the Rydges at the airport on the night of the 14th.

After an exhausting week with the grandkids, and the odd precious moment, overseas beckons. A short stay at the Rydges Sydney Airport, and an even shorter one for breakfast at the First class lounge, and soon the wheelchairs are on their way to the gate.

While many would take the direct option when it comes to flights to North America, our correspondent prefers the route via Japan. When travelling for leisure, day flights tend to be more attractive for some, with the added benefit of often getting better onboard service. Taking a different airline can also result in favourable cultural differences.

One other thing I forgot which would favour JAL over QF for many on here. After being seated the purser came to mrsdrron and pointed out the female only toilet. And this in J.

Will it be the Bento box or western choice for food in-flight? And who thinks it’s true that light milk comes from thin dairy farmers? The answers to these questions and much more can be found HERE.


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