Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel – Evacuate Evacuate!

This week we look at one of the common experiences travellers undertake, the need to stay at an Airport Hotel, specifically the new Rydges at Sydney Airport.

With Sydney having so many morning flights overseas, it’s quite common to fly to Sydney the day before and spend the night in Sydney before departing on the international leg. If you’re flying overseas on a Monday, peak morning flights can be more expensive or it could well be a case of not having an option to take a same day connection. So a hotel is in order.

Sydney offers travellers a number of options when it comes to accommodation before the flight. If time is not an issue, catching a train to the CBD opens up a wealth of opportunities. While the train is quick, it’s not cheap, and lacks baggage storage. Closer to the airport there are also options, such as the Novotel Brighton Le Sands, surprisingly, the Novotel does not have airport shuttle bus facilties. While such hotels may be cheaper than an airport stay, transport costs can quickly change that equation.

An Airport Hotels may be best but they don’t always have a great reputation. Many offer facilities that barely exceed a bed for the night and breakfast in the morning. While others are so old, that sleep can escape you due to the noise. And then there are airport hotels that are not exactly near the airport, being “airport” in name only, Google Maps can be handy here when checking.

Last year saw the opening of the new Rydges hotel on the International side of the airport, the first on that side in over thirty years. Being a new build, it follows recent trends of lacking a bath for most rooms and having a bath room that’s not a room

Decided to stay here on our current trip when the prices fell and able to get a Shareholder’s rate of ~ $180. Also get 20% of restaurant. Functional but not much else. Shower only and the shower and toilet are open but very dark

It seems the hotel is popular with our members mainly for its proximity to the terminal and the chance to have a restful nights sleep, one does not book for the car park view many rooms feature. Being a new hotel, there can be bugs or events that result in even a good nights sleep not being possible

Sound asleep at Rydges Airport hotel last night, at 1am the evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate now now now went off non stop… back to bed half hour later, well that stuffed our sleep up for the night with early morning flight out.

What hotel have you used for a stay in Sydney near the airport, do you know one that offers better value, or perhaps you have a Rydges Sydney Airport to share HERE.


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