ff-retireOne member asks our older and wiser forum participants how it is possible to maintain a frequent flyer reward balance when retired. This member is considering an early retirement but is mindful that this is likely to result in a sharp decline of the ability to acquire frequent flyer points. Our members discuss a number of strategies to acquire and optimise points tally’s for the astute retiree.

Our members are quick to spruik the benefits of travelling in retirement. For one, you are not tethered to a pesky job which allows you to take advantage of last-minute discounts or flight deals. Second, off-peak travel becomes a reality and members can reap the associated benefits. One member suggests stockpiling points prior to retirement and also suggests buying points for upgrades and the like. There are some also some extremely handy hints and tips on how to use superannuation to maximise income and hence fund travel.

Some retirees are happy to forgo some of the perks of having a healthy points balance as they are simply eager to see the world and travel.

Share your nest-egg point plan HERE.


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