How to Reinstate Expired Qantas Points
If your Qantas points have expired, you might be able to get some of them back. Photo: Qantas.

Qantas Frequent Flyer points don’t expire as long as you earn or redeem at least one point every 18 months. But if they do expire, you can get some of your expired Qantas points back by completing a Qantas points “challenge”.

How to get expired Qantas points back

Qantas Frequent Flyer offers members the opportunity to earn back 50% of their expired points if certain criteria are met.

To be eligible for a Qantas points challenge, you must contact the airline within 12 months of your points expiring. If you lost your points more than a year ago, the airline will only offer to help in “exceptional circumstances”, for example, due to a medical condition or other companionate grounds. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis and you may be required to show proof of your hardship. The airline will then offer you a challenge to get your points back.

If you believe you qualify for a Qantas points challenge, you’ll need to contact the Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre. You can do this by calling 13 11 31, emailing [email protected] or via web chat.

How the Qantas points reinstatement challenge works

Qantas used to restore all of your expired points upon completion of the required challenge. However, this policy changed in early 2020 and Qantas Frequent Flyer will now only offer to give you back 50% of your previous points balance. This is despite Qantas telling the 2019 ACCC inquiry into loyalty schemes that it gives members the opportunity to earn back all of their points if they have expired.

To get 50% of your Qantas points back, the challenge requires you to earn at least 2,500 new Qantas points from at least two different sources. You’ll have six months to complete this challenge from the date that you contacted Qantas to request it.

The points can be earned from any source including from a credit card, shopping at Woolworths, taking a Qantas flight, Qantas Wine purchases, Qantas Hotels bookings or even Qantas car insurance. Importantly, it is not necessary to take a flight – the points can be earned with any of the frequent flyer program’s partners.

Once the challenge is completed, Qantas will reinstate half of your previous points balance. But you will still lose the other 50% – so it’s a good idea to ensure your frequent flyer points never expire in the first place!

Keep your Qantas account active to prevent points expiring

To keep your Qantas points alive, all you need to do is earn or redeem at least one point every 18 months. There are many ways to earn and redeem points, including by shopping at Woolworths, so this is not a difficult task. You can even earn Qantas points for free by completing Red Planet surveys.

However, family transfers do not count as activity. If you transfer points to a frequent flyer account that has had no activity for more than 18 months, the points will expire immediately.

Read more: How to Stop Qantas Points Expiring

It’s worth noting that Qantas also allows new parents to place their tier status on hold if they take at least six months off work to spend time with their family. The Qantas Status Hold benefit is available for up to 18 months.


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As much I hate everything about qantas including FF program, pricing, FA etc.

this is a great little incentive for people to get their points back

However I am so totally against expiration of points, points should be like money, and useable for ever,
qantas/merchant get paid their commission from the transaction, so why should there be an expiry

Paul T

a couple of years ago i lost 400,000 points by not operating the account as described. I called Qantas but they couldn’t help.
1 month report showed 400k points, next month report showed ZERO!! no notice, no nothing.!!

Zhi Zhao

Yea..Same here. I lost 300k point without an notice

Rob Waugh

During this past year I have LOST 86000 plus pts somewhere along the way. NOT HAPPY, Matt. Can you please reinstate? My QFF # was [redacted]. My wife died Oct 24 last Her #[redacted]. Can you also transfer her pts to me?WE joined way back in 1994. Look forward to your RAPID approval. Rob Waugh


Matt isn’t a QF rep unfortunately, but get in touch with the QF team as mentioned in his article and they will help you out.


Similar story to those who replied already. I was a frequent flier and had accumulated many points but with the addition of children (whom I also paid to join the QFF program) our travelling decreased due to the added costs. After loosing all points in all accounts (6 in total), we’ve not flown with Qantas since and only chose to fly the best deal for the dates. No longer a loyal Qantas customer, and my points expired back in 2015 so too long ago to recoup I’m sure. Besides, I’m not jumping through their hoops. I’ve decided not to take… Read more »


Further to that, We’ve not used Qantas since. Yet we still travel internationally at least once every two years.


My points expired as I was busy having children (and Woolworths discontinued their rewards program) and unbeknownst to me, my 60,000 points expired. No courtesy email. Nothing. I contacted Qantas and was told too bad, so sad.

Then…. I was forwarded this article by my parents after I told them I’d never be flying Qantas again.

I applied for the Qantas Challenge, and have now just been told again by your customer service that under no circumstances can points be reinstated after they expire at 18 months old….. so this challenge is BS and yet again, I’ll NEVER fly Qantas again.


I just called Qantas to do this after finding this blog as I had 68,000 points expire. The rep advised I need to earn 2500 points in 6 months but that I will only recieve HALF my points back. Is this anyone else’s experience?


I lost all my points. 105000 of them. Was meant to fly again within the 18 months but due to Covid-19 my trip was cancelled. Qantas won’t even take that into consideration. To top it all off they haven’t even refunded the airfare. Also, the Australian taxpayer, of which I am one, is subsidising the airline to keep them afloat. Qantas wants loyalty, but won’t reciprocate. Definitely not happy.


Couldn’t believe it. It looks like my points have been reinstated. Thank you to whoever did this. I will fly with Qantas again. My faith in the airline has been restored.

Tarrin Sweeney

My Qantas points went from 972527 to 0. That was a decade of hard earned points.