Are Qantas Classic Wine Rewards a Good Deal?

Are Qantas Classic Wine Rewards a Good Deal?We all know that Qantas points can be redeemed for things like Classic Flight Rewards and Classic Upgrade Rewards. But Qantas Frequent Flyer is also now offering Classic Wine Rewards, or the ability to redeem your Qantas points for wine at fixed rates.

Qantas Classic Wine Rewards can be used to purchase sparkling, red and white wine using your Qantas points, with free delivery within Australia. Beer and spirits are also available, and interestingly, Qantas points can be earned on Classic Wine Rewards.

If you’re stuck at home at the moment and wondering what to do with your Qantas points, buying wine could sound quite appealing. So, what are Qantas Classic Wine Rewards and are they a good deal?

What are Qantas Classic Wine Rewards?

Qantas sells wine, beer, spirits and food online through its Qantas Wine store. Buying wine through this store is a popular way to earn Qantas points, as Qantas regularly offers generous amounts of bonus points with wine purchases. If you’re a Qantas Wine Premium member – which now comes free for Qantas Business Rewards and Qantas Points Club members – you can also earn extra points and receive free delivery on all purchases.

When buying from Qantas Wine, there is always an option to pay either in part or in full using Qantas Frequent Flyer points (instead of money). When paying with points, Qantas simply takes the retail price and converts it at a rate of 0.595 cents per Qantas point.

Classic Wine Rewards work a bit differently. They are available only on selected products, and you’ll be required to pay the full amount using points. But the value is generally better and delivery is free for most products.

This page of the Qantas Wine website contains a full list of products available as Classic Wine Rewards. Products available as Classic Rewards are marked as such.

Examples of sparkling wine available as Classic Wine Rewards
Examples of sparkling wine available as Classic Wine Rewards

Are Classic Wine Rewards worth it?

In general, you’ll get better value for your Qantas points when redeeming for Classic Wine Rewards than most other non-flight rewards. The value of each reward varies, but you’ll get between 0.595 and 1.2 cents per Qantas point worth of value. In general, most of the rewards get you around 0.8 to 1 cent of value from each Qantas point.

In the below examples, you’ll get 1 cent per Qantas point in value by redeeming for a case of 6 bottles of Wolf Blass Private Release. The Wirra Wirra The Lost Watch redemption is worth 1.15 cents per point – quite a good deal – and the Penfolds Max’s Chardonnay Classic Reward nets a value of of 0.96 cents per point.

White wine available as Classic Wine Rewards
White wine available as Classic Wine Rewards

Of course, you can often get better value than this by redeeming Qantas points for Business class flights or upgrades. But if you’re unable to fly at the moment, this would have to be one of the best ways to use your Qantas points on the ground. It’s certainly better value than wasting points on gift cards!


Australian Frequent Flyer has an entire forum dedicated to wine! Check out our AFF Wine Lovers Resources forum.


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