Priority Privilege: lies, lies, and damned lies

For a number of years now, members have been discussing IHG’s Priority Privilege program. Originally the Pacific Privilege program, when the local hotels were owned by South Pacific Hotel Corporation, it offers dining and accommodation discounts at IHG’s properties around Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and in some parts of Asia. Some customers, like our member Cove, don’t even use the accommodation benefits; finding it great value just for eating out.

I am a member purely for the smorgasbord at the IC Sydney and it saves us money with the free meals.

Others use it extensively, with accommodation benefits that include two free night certificates and 25% off advertised rates.

I checked into an IC, using the buy one get one free voucher, used the $100 Dining Voucher for a few relatives to have dinner, used the $50 Hotel Credit at check out, and used the Breakfast voucher in the main restaurant, …the Priority Privilege program can work quite well.

With the program such good value, for many people it’s an easy decision at renewal time. For others however, plans change. Spending another $300 for something they may not get $300 of value from does not make sense. Come renewal time, that phone number you used to sign up with soon starts getting calls from some ambitious telemarketers.

During those calls you will be promised extra benefits like a free bottle of wine and program improvements are often mentioned that didn’t exist last year. One of our members has some good advice if you do get such a call.

Promised me 3 free night vouchers worth $200 each (not 2 for 1) if I renew. I told him to send me the offer by email so I have it in writing and I will renew. Never received the email of course. So whenever they call, always ask them to email you the renewal offer detail before you agree to anything!

Other members report similar promises and a failure to make them good. It seems Priority Privilege is happy to keep practicing what many would define as deceptive and misleading conduct, despite it being against many consumer laws. Who knows how long this practice will continue? In the meantime, if you have been made false promises or just want to share what value you got from the Priority Privilege program, why not join the conversation HERE.

By the way: If you’re interested in the program, or what other value is on offer through hotel program membership, have a look at Five Star Sleeps for Free the latest addition to the AFF Knowledge Centre.


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