It’s a common question these days. With liquids and gels often being restricted or limited in the cabin as far as carry on baggage goes, how do you handle your family’s unique dietary requirements? One of our members asks:

I am heading domestically with 2 kids tomorrow, (only BNE to SYD) but my wife is insistent that we need to take a bottle of milk for each of the kids as it will be a tricky time of the day. My question is, as I have never flown with kids before, can I pack a small esky and a small quantity of ice to keep it cold and have no issues with security?

Liquids and gases pose a serious hazard to aircraft and their systems uncontained. While an esky may seem logical, it’s important to look at how you will keep the temperature at the required level. Airlines use dry ice for keeping their goods cold. However dry ice is on the dangerous goods list and must not be packed, unless it meets your airlines guidelines. For Qantas and Virgin, that means a maximum mass of 2.5kg and a container that can vent. Always check with your airline for their requirements.

For those families who use or prefer baby formula in powered form, things are a lot easier

Are you referring to milk as in infant formula? If so, then best bet is to have the bottles with the measured amount of formula in them then just ask the crew for water to reconstitute if needed.

While another of our members has an excellent way of getting fresh warm milk to his family, with the assistance of a lounge coffee machine.

When I flew internationally last year I took an empty bottle for my 2yo and filled it up with milk from the coffee machine. By the time we boarded and ready for take off it had cooled enough for her to drink it while making the climb and keeping her ears popped.

Many lounges are past the hassle of screening points for security at Australia’s international airports, making this a great solution. It should be noted however, reasonable quantities of food for children are exempt from the Liquids & Gels rules (see the rules here.) So if the lounge is before a screening point or you can pop into a domestic lounge on the way, it’s still a great idea.

How have you managed to travel with the right stuff to make that trip with kids the best possible? Do you have a tip to help future or current parents in their travels, join the conversation HERE.


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