From Tamworth to Texas, via Thailand

Ever read a travel article and thought it sounded familiar?  This week’s trip report is from one member who has penned many such reports in the past.  And has the experience of reading an article based on one of their previously published trip reports where even the photos were copied!  So you know you’re in for a good read – after all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

The trip starts off in a somewhat unusual place, its not the nearest capital city international terminal nor a random CBD hotel, but in the country. And you cannot get much more country than the Australian home of country music – Tamworth!  When your choice of accommodation is actually in the process of being part of a fire sale, things can get interesting.  When was the last time you were offered a price for paying by credit card, another for paying by cash and then a “special” price (payment method not specified)?

It’s not long before the country is left behind and we are soon mixing it with famous people enjoying Qantas’s hospitality.  Some of us might need a reminder as to who some of them might be, such as Sean Penn’s current girlfriend, Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, while the Hon. Michael Kirby AC, maybe more recognisable, depending on your choice of regular reading material.  There is no sign of Neil Perry this time, which is probably a good thing given the reported dislike for Neil’s mixed green leaves, often served prior to the appetiser in Business Class.

When you have been travelling over a number of years, you often build up a network of friends and contacts, many in the hospitality industry.  This can lead to experiences you might have otherwise overlooked and we find that to be the case with a visit/stay to the Sheraton Resort Pattaya as part of this trip following the flight from Sydney.

Some travellers like to eat in while others like to experience the area like a local. Our correspondent shares a good tip when it comes to planning what to do:

The 2 restaurants at the Sheraton Pattaya have both been in the Trip Advisor top 10 for Pattaya over this last 12 months and at one stage were rated 1 and 2.  We thought this unusual for an upmarket hotel on TA so we looked forward to trying their food.

Did they live up to their reviews, how did our traveller get to Texas?  Enjoy the report HERE.


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