Discovering the beauty of Western Australia

This week we are treated to a trip report a little closer to home. Our member feezable got to experience the beauty of Western Australia, using Broome as a base to explore the best that the west has to offer.

It seems that there is indeed a lot to see and do in Western Australia. After admiring the art and architecture in Fremantle, just south of Perth, our member flew on to the tourist hotspot of Broome where they spent a few days.

Immediately after arriving in Broome, our member was treated to a full moon. This meant that the famous Stairway Night Market was in full swing.

The market operates for the 3 full moon nights each month… The food at the market was great, the selection ranged through the various Asian cuisines to hamburgers and crepes.

As well as enjoying the sun, sand and delicious food in Broome during the day, our member witnessed the “Staircase to the Moon” in Roebuck Bay. This natural phenomenon is a truly spectacular sight and, according to our member, must be seen to be believed.

Photos don’t do the stairway to the Moon justice. I had a strong emotional response to it and felt quite stunned by the beauty of what I had just witnessed.

In addition to immense natural beauty, Broome calls home to a number of dinosaur footprints. Stegosaur and various other dinosaur prints can be seen when the tide is low. This is just another of the unique attractions for visitors.

While there is no doubt that Broome is a fantastic destination in its own right, the town can also be used as a base to see some of the other remarkable sights in the area. Our member was very impressed with a full day tour to Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge. The scenery at the gorge alone was breathtaking. But not to be outdone, a few iconic Australian critters even made an appearance. Tunnel Creek was similarly spectacular.

We left Windjana Gorge and drove about 40 minutes to Tunnel Creek. This is a limestone cave/tunnel, it is very dark so we were provided with head torches. It is difficult to get good photos inside the tunnel, but it was truly spectacular. At the end of the tunnel is a waterhole that is croc free and a number of our group went swimming.

After almost a week out west, our member returned home. But this trip report doesn’t end when our member left Broome. Luckily, a number of upgrades came through to make the journey back to Newcastle a most pleasant one.

It seems that Western Australia has a lot to offer to tourists. What else will our member discover? Follow the trip report HERE.


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