Cherry blossoms and mouth-watering Japanese cuisine

We’ve been privileged recently on AFF to see a number of quality trip reports from first-time writers. The latest comes from our member KitKat, who recently travelled to Japan in cherry blossom season.

Having missed the cherry blossoms in Seoul last year, we decided to give it a go this time in Japan. We would base ourselves in Tokyo over the average forecast period and take the Shinkansen to see them if the forecast were wrong. Also as my parents have never been to Japan, this was an opportunity for us to bring them there.

As with most of the trips planned by me, we try to go to a few places to have a bite.

Instead of taking a direct routing to Japan, our member opted to fly first to Singapore on Qantas, with onward travel to Tokyo on Malaysia Airlines. The slightly indirect routing seems to have paid off, as the first flight happened to be on one of Qantas’ newly refurbished A330 aircraft with business suites. Qantas’ new business suites have proven popular amongst AFFers and KitKat is suitably impressed.

First impressions, I like the privacy. Despite us travelling as a couple, we (read me) opted to sit behind each other on the side – so that we could have the window and aisle. I noticed that the dividers on the paired seating in the middle would make a conversation difficult while seated.
Enjoyed the larger entertainment screen.

It appears our member is a bit of a foodie, so visits to a number of top Japanese restaurants are on the cards. Our member has come up with an ingenious way of evaluating meals. KitKat’s trademarked pleasure-to-calorie-ratio rates each dish in terms of both taste and calories. As an example, the famous satay on Malaysia Airlines is scored at 6.5 out of a possible 10.

Satay quickly served with a drink. Yummy as usual.
PCR 6.5TM (out of 10; 1 is urgh, not worth the calories….. and 10/10 is bl##dy amazing, I will wake up at 5am and run for an hour to run this off!)

Many of the meals served in the restaurants visited in Japan get an even higher rating. And it’s not hard to see why; the photos are sure to get your mouth watering!

It’s not just about the food though and an obligatory temple visit is in order while sightseeing in Tokyo. It doesn’t take too long either before our member spots some of the beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms. Spring is certainly the best time to see these as they begin to flower.

I think we are going to be lucky this year (for the cherry blossoms)

In this trip report, the pictures say as much as the words. It certainly makes for compelling viewing and is bound to whet your appetite too! Find out what else KitKat gets up to in Japan, and see the photos for yourself HERE.


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