Changes at Melbourne’s Hilton on the Park

For a long time, Melbourne’s Hilton on the Park (HOP) has been a favourite amongst members. With Hilton Diamond status a benefit of Virgin Platinum, many of our members are elite members of the Hilton Honors program. Being close to the city but not in it, close to the MCG and looking after elite members well, its no wonder the property was popular. Sadly, things are changing early next year.

Dear Valued Client

We are pleased to announce that Accor will take over management of Hilton On The Park Melbourne on the 1st of January 2015 and will be rebranded as PULLMAN MELBOURNE ON THE PARK.

Pullman Melbourne on the Park is an iconic property that is a ten minute walk from Melbourne’s CBD and a number of the city’s major attractions. With 419 rooms the hotel has extensive facilities which include four food and beverage outlets, a swimming pool, fitness centre and Day Spa.

Some of our members who are regular guests were lucky to get a heads up about the news early. With a rebranding resulting in loss of status benefits for many, there has been a suggestion that members get together for a send off.

I was given a bit of notice, although had to keep it to myself until it was announced publicly.

It is a shame, as I believe that the service there is second to none. Regardless of the branding, I hope that the staff are looked after and either taken on by Pullman, or offered suitable positions at Hilton South Wharf or Melbourne Doubletreee.

I have made a booking as late as I can in December (26th). Maybe AFF could make a night of it.

With the Hilton status members expressing their disappointment, you would expect it is good news for those who are members of the Accor program. However, with a number of Accor properties already in close vicinity, it seems it will be just adding to an already under performing portfolio.

I’m an Accor member although I’m not sure if I’m pleased with the change. HOP works well for a lot of people at the moment, and Accor already has a few properties in the CBD area that are, well, “under-performing” in a lot of aspects. Adding another property to the current portfolio probably wouldn’t bolster it in any way, but it will probably end up turning a perfectly fine HOP into an unliveable POP.

With Accor seemingly doing well expanding their portfolio in Australia, the Le Club program is one that could well feature more in many of our members future. Sadly the express paths taken to elite status in the past seem to have dried up.

Will you miss the Hilton when it goes to Accor, or are you a Le Club member who is looking forward to the change, have your say on the changeover HERE.


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