Celebrating 20 years of marriage in style!

Our members write trip reports for many reasons. It may be a business trip for work in Business Class to Europe. Or it may be a leisure hop in economy across the ditch. This week our trip report is one that is less common, when it comes to the reasons for the journey.

Doesn’t time fly! Next week marks our 20th year of marriage (28 as a couple) … we’re going to celebrate – in style! XXI normally do Trip Reports after the event – I’ll attempt to do this one on the run using my new toy (iphone6) so it will be heavy on photos with minimal or no text. Our itinerary is detailed below to assist matching the image to the experience. Should be fun!

One of the benefits of booking a trip using awards points is the flexibility you can sometimes get when it comes to flights without the normal cost in cash for making changes. Many airlines constantly look at seat inventory and may open up a seat or two to an award booking close to the scheduled departure date. While changes cannot be made once travel has commenced for Qantas awards, sometimes keeping any eye on options before travel can result in a better flight selection, and even the chance to save some points on the option originally booked.

As suspected (and counting on) Cathay has opened up and J award seats are awash at the last minute. CX100 (my favourite) is available – I’ve just made the call to QFF and the changes are done.

When I made the booking months ago, no direct flights to Hong Kong or back were available – hence the pitstop in Singapore. I was always counting on Cathay seats being released at the last minute …. like they always are! We still need to come back via Singapore as nothing is available and once we start the trip … no more changes. Therefore, we will no longer be flying to Singapore on BA16 or stay one night at the Grand Hyatt or need that extra flight on CX690 to Hong Kong. A refund of 122,000 QFFP & $160 has already landed in the account. An extra day in Hong Kong and the Four Seasons + 122,000 points back in the kitty – you beauty!

Before long the day arrives. After a quick stop in the Brisbane Business lounge, once again we get to see Qantas priority boarding at work (in the form of being fast tracked to join an existing Aerobridge queue). Soon the flight is airborne and our lucky correspondents are treated to what is described as a nice tuna melt. Those travelling after a big night out might think it resembles something else they may have come across!

With the first class lounge awaiting, and further culinary delights to be sampled in Hong Kong and Singapore, this trip report is going to make many a reader hungry. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey, not to mention the pictures.  Follow the journey HERE.


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