Bursting the sinus pain bubble

There are not many activities one does on a regular basis that sees air pressure change dramatically, unless you’re a professional diver or aviator. For the rest of us, day to day changes in our health can go unnoticed, until it comes time to get on a plane

Hubby has asked me to post this. He suffers from pretty severe sinus pain on descent when flying. Just really uncomfortable, stabbing pain around his eyes, forehead etc. We have tried
* Ear Planes
* Sudafed an hour or so before descent
* Nasal spray usage.
Looking for some other “tips”.

Over the years, our members have shared many tips and suggestions on how to control sinus pain on decent. For instance most new parents would know the best way to ease pain for the young ones is to feed them on climb and descent. The sucking motion helps to equalise the pressure in the sinus system and bring some comfort.

For older passengers it’s a little harder. Getting something to drink may be difficult as often descent sees everything locked away and seatbelts on. Aside from drinking, there are quite a few non medicinal products that may help, such as Earplanes which are earplugs that work to equalise the pressure. Others swear by the simple act of chewing on a chewy sweet such as a Mintie.

If all else fails and medicines are the next avenue of relief, quite a few of our members thought nasal sprays are effective

Second the idea of steroid nasal spray (nasonex/omnaris/avamys etc). You’d need a prescription so you would have to see the doctor anyway, which is always important.

While others felt it important to mention that anything to do with the human body should be checked out by a professional, in case it becomes more than just pain from an obvious source over time

From the perspective of a retired pilot who is very prone to sinus and associated ear infections I have to suggest you talk to a doctor who understands the risks associated with flying. Blocked sinus can lead to ear problems which can result in ruptured ear drums which, to put politely is not good.

Are you a former sinus pain sufferer, what worked for you. Join the conversation HERE.


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