This Month’s Best Virgin Australia Velocity Credit Card Offers

Best Virgin Australia Velocity Credit Card Sign-up Offers
Compare this month’s best Virgin Australia Velocity credit cards and sign-up offers.

Credit cards are one of the most popular and easiest ways to earn large amounts of Velocity Frequent Flyer points. Depending on your monthly spend, you could earn many thousands of points each year from credit card spend.

You can also earn tens of thousands of bonus points with a great Velocity credit card sign-up offer. So, it’s worth seeking a credit card that allows you to maximise your point-earning potential!

If you’re looking to collect Virgin Australia Velocity points for your credit card spend, there are several co-branded Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards in Australia issued by American Express (Amex) and Virgin Money.

Alternatively, you could earn points with a flexible credit card rewards program and transfer points to Velocity (or another frequent flyer program) as you need them. Most Australian credit card reward programs provide the option to transfer points to Virgin Australia’s Velocity program – as does Flybuys. If you transfer your credit card points during May or November, you can often even get bonus Velocity points!

So, which are the best Australian personal credit cards for earning Velocity Frequent Flyer points? We’ve compiled lists of the Velocity credit cards that earn at the highest rate on everyday spend, as well as the best current Velocity credit card sign-up bonus point offers…

Credit card sign-up bonus point offers

Looking to quickly increase your Virgin Australia Velocity points balance? Credit card sign-up bonus offers are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do it!

By applying for a new credit card, paying the annual fee (if applicable) and completing a minimum spend on the card, you could earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of Velocity Frequent Flyer points towards your next trip.

In July 2022, the best current Velocity sign-up offer belongs to the Westpac Altitude Velocity Black credit card. With this card’s offer, you could earn up to 120,000 bonus Velocity points!

Virgin Australia planes 737 Melbourne lounge
Earn up to 120,000 bonus Velocity points with this month’s best Australian credit card sign-up offer. Photo: Virgin Australia.

Beware that most banks impose credit card offer exclusion periods whereby bonus points are not awarded to customers who have previously held a card with that bank in the past 12-18 months.

You should also understand that applying for credit cards can negatively impact your credit rating – particularly if you apply for multiple cards within a short time. You can check your credit rating for free using services such as Equifax or Get Credit Score.


List of the best current Virgin Australia Velocity credit card sign-up offers

To help you choose a Velocity points credit card with a great sign-up bonus offer, we’ve put together a list of the best current Virgin Australia credit card sign-up offers. This list is updated monthly and was last edited in July 2022.

Note: If you’re viewing this article on a smartphone, the tables below may look better if you rotate your device horizontally.


Card Bonus Points Annual fee Offer expiry Minimum spend to earn bonus points
1. Westpac Altitude Velocity Black 120,000 Velocity points $300 31 December 2022 Spend $6,000 within 120 days to earn 90,000 Velocity points. Renew to earn 30,000 points in the second year.


2. Amex Velocity Platinum 100,000 Velocity points $375 Ongoing Spend $3,000 within 3 months.


3. Citi Prestige 200,000 Citi Rewards points (worth 100,000 Velocity points) $700 31 August 2022 Spend $7,500 within 60 days.


4. Amex Platinum Charge 200,000 Amex points (worth 100,000 Velocity points) $1,450 Ongoing Spend $5,000 within 3 months to get 150,000 points. Renew for a second year to get another 50,000 points.



Many of the current Australian credit card sign-up deals are discussed on the Australian Frequent Flyer forum: AFF Credit Card Promotions Threads


Credit cards that earn Velocity points at the highest rate

Looking to maximise the points earned from your everyday credit card spend? We’ve also compiled a list of the top-earning credit cards in Australia for Velocity Frequent Flyer points in 2022.

Below, we’ve ranked each credit card based on the number of Velocity points you’ll earn per dollar on regular transactions, followed by cards with the least-restrictive earning caps and finally the lowest annual fees.

Some of these cards earn points with loyalty programs other than Velocity Frequent Flyer, such as a bank rewards program. These points can be transferred to Velocity Frequent Flyer as needed. Where this is the case, we’ve listed the equivalent Velocity earn rate per dollar taking into account the conversion rate.

Unfortunately, many Australian credit cards limit the number of points that can be earned each month at the full rate. Once this threshold is reached, some cards will award points for any remaining spend during that month at a reduced rate. There are even some cards with a fixed maximum number of points that may be earned each month. If you’re a high spender, it’s worth looking for a card that doesn’t have any earning cap.


List of the top-earning Velocity points credit cards in 2022

So, which are the best credit cards in Australia for earning Velocity Frequent Flyer points? Without further ado, here is our list which was last updated in July 2022:

Card Loyalty program Annual fee Velocity points per $1 Cap on full earn rate
1. Amex Velocity Platinum Velocity Frequent Flyer $375 1.25
2. Amex Platinum Amex Membership Rewards (Ascent Premium) $1,450 1.125
3. Amex Explorer Amex Membership Rewards (Gateway) $395 1
4. Virgin Money Velocity High Flyer Velocity Frequent Flyer $289 1 $8,000/month
5. ANZ Rewards Black ANZ Rewards $375 1 $5,000/month
6. Coles Rewards Mastercard Flybuys $375 1 $5,000/month


What can you do with Velocity points?

To give you a rough idea, 100,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer points could get you:

  • Three return Virgin Business class flights between Sydney and Melbourne,
  • Six return Virgin Economy class flights between Brisbane and Canberra,
  • Two return Virgin Business class flights between Melbourne and Brisbane,
  • One return Hawaiian Airlines Economy class flight between Sydney or Auckland and Honolulu, or
  • 10 Business class upgrades from Virgin Economy Flex fares on long domestic routes (e.g. Sydney-Perth)

100,000 Velocity points is also enough to book a one-way United Airlines Business Class flight from Sydney or Melbourne to Los Angeles or San Francisco. That would cost 95,500 Velocity Frequent Flyer points and around $115 in taxes.

You can now redeem Velocity points for United flights on the Virgin Australia website
You can redeem Velocity points for United flights on the Virgin Australia website.

This article from Frequent Flyer Solutions contains a more detailed list of what you can do with different amounts of Velocity Frequent Flyer points.

Virgin Australia 737 Business Class 2021
Redeem Velocity points to fly or upgrade to Virgin Australia Business Class. Photo: Virgin Australia.


Would you like to learn more about credit cards?

Frequent Flyer Solutions has an entire training course on Credit Cards. This course will teach you about maximising credit card points and help you to choose the credit card that’s right for you. View course →


Note: This article is not financial advice. Consider your personal circumstances before applying for credit cards or any other type of credit.


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