Australian Frequent Flyer team
The Australian Frequent Flyer team from left to right: Sam, Clifford, Ross, Lindsay, Jessica, Fiona, Bill, Matt & Neil.

Becoming Australia’s leading frequent flyer community doesn’t just happen by accident! A lot of work goes on behind the scenes at Australian Frequent Flyer. You may not notice them, but there is a team of 9 people working every day to ensure you have a great experience and learn lots on AFF!

The Australian Frequent Flyer team normally tries to get together every year to catch up and discuss the year ahead. Last year’s gathering had to be postponed due to you-know-what, but the team met in Brisbane last weekend. The above photo was taken there.

Australian Frequent Flyer has an Editor (that’s me) who is responsible for all of the articles and editorial content you read on the AFF home page and in the twice-weekly Frequent Flyer Gazette newsletter. Sam, a.k.a. “support” works alongside Clifford, the owner and founder of AFF, responding to member enquiries and ensuring the website runs smoothly. We also have six forum moderators who ensure the discussion on AFF remains respectful and that members aren’t posting spam. If you ever need to report an AFF post, it’s the moderators who will receive the report and decide what, if any, action to take.

We thought you might like to know more about the Australian Frequent Flyer team! Here are the people who make AFF run smoothly…

Clifford (admin)

  • Role: Owner & Director
  • From: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Works full-time on AFF, but was previously an IT consultant
  • Favourite thing about AFF: The sense of community – for example, the generosity of our members in spending time sharing their personal experiences to help others

Clifford was interviewed on Episode 2 of the AFF on AIR podcast.

Matt (Mattg/AFF Editor)

  • Role: Editor & Host of the AFF on AIR podcast
  • From: Canberra, ACT
  • Favourite thing about AFF: The range and depth of useful travel-related information on our forums and among AFF members. From the best status runs to the best hotels in Timbuktu, there’s almost nothing AFF members can’t help with.

Sam (samh004/support)

  • Role: AFF Support
  • From: Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Favourite thing about AFF: I like meeting new people, so the Meetings and Social Events forum is where I spend a lot of time

Sam was interviewed on Episode 57 of the AFF on AIR podcast.

Lindsay (QF WP)

  • Role: Moderator
  • From: Brisbane, Queensland
  • Occupation outside AFF: Certified Financial Planner
  • Favourite thing about AFF: Travelling around the world and bringing together members of the Community over a drink and/or meal

QF WP was interviewed on Episode 8 of the AFF on AIR podcast.

Fiona (Princess Fiona)

  • Role: Moderator
  • From: Regional NSW
  • Occupation outside AFF: Doctor
  • Favourite thing about AFF: Friends and connections that have helped me to make the most of my travel

Princess Fiona was interviewed on Episode 18 of the AFF on AIR podcast.

Jessica (JessicaTam)

  • Role: Moderator
  • From: Gippsland, Victoria
  • Occupation outside AFF: Emergency Services
  • Favourite thing about AFF: A real sense of community, from information sharing to get-togethers

JessicaTam was interviewed on Episode 4Episode 26 & Episode 40 of the AFF on AIR podcast.

Ross (serfty)

  • Role: Moderator
  • From: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Occupation outside AFF: IT Consultant with 38 years professional experience
  • Favourite thing about AFF: The members and the learning – sharing of information on how to maximise status earn from travel along with how to maximise travel benefits from having that status. I thought I knew it all before coming across AFF in 2004; I quickly found I was wrong.

Bill (straitman)

  • Role: Moderator
  • From: Sale, Victoria
  • Occupation outside AFF: Retired RAAF & corporate pilot, chief pilot, flying instructor & aviation consultant (Helicopter & Fixed wing)
  • Favourite thing about AFF: The people, the friendships and the knowledge that there is someone that knows the correct answer to almost any travel query

Neil (NM)

  • Role: Moderator
  • From: Paradise aka Brisbane, Queensland
  • Occupation outside AFF: Electrical (Electronics and Communications) Engineer
  • Favourite thing about AFF: Learning and sharing ways to enhance the travel experience

You may have noticed that every Australian Frequent Flyer team member likes the same thing about AFF – the sense of community. AFF wouldn’t be the same without our wonderful members and contributors! So, thank you for being a part of it.

As well as by participating on our forums, one of the best ways to get involved is to come along to an AFF Social Event. These are now starting to get going again after a quiet year in 2020.

In addition to regular meet-ups organised by members, there is an annual AFF weekend gathering. This year’s event will be held in Newcastle from 22-24 October 2021.


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Matt Graham
The editor of Australian Frequent Flyer, Matt's passion for travel has taken him to over 60 countries… with the help of frequent flyer points, of course!
Matt's favourite destinations (so far) are Germany, Brazil, New Zealand & Kazakhstan. His interests include economics, aviation & foreign languages, and he has a soft spot for good food and red wine.

You can contact Matt at [email protected]


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Great to see you all and find out a bit about you! Thanks for doing such a great job keeping AFF current, interesting and well moderated.


Great site and service, saved me heaps when I used the services to maximise my points on a trip to UK a couple of years ago.


Thanks for such an interesting and informative site and nice to put faces to ‘names’. Keep up the great work.