AFF member mmchow recently set off on what looks like the adventure of a lifetime, sampling First class on Etihad, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines as they circle the globe! Frequent flyer points were redeemed for each of the flights, and they’ve certainly made the most of them.

It all started with the soon-to-expire 20K Skywards miles. Wanting to put these 20K to good use, a few crazy ideas came to mind and the planning of this trip was born.

The trip began with a limousine ride to the airport and a visit to Etihad’s new Melbourne lounge ahead the first flight of the trip. This flight would take our member to Abu Dhabi in one of Etihad’s A380 “Apartment” suites.

The First class service began as soon as our member stepped on board the aircraft.

Champagne (Bollinger La Grande Annee 2005) was served with a cold towel, dates and a welcome note. Chef on board and CSM came and introduced themselves and provided us with the menu. Arabic coffee was also served. Was given a quick tour of the apartment and the details of the seat. Christian Lacroix amenity kit was located in the vanity cupboard. Aida mentioned about the shower, and she giggled saying you need to try to shower at 40,000ft. Shower time was then booked for 2.5hrs prior landing.

The first stop was Abu Dhabi, where some sightseeing and a camel ride in the desert was in order! This was followed by Dubai, where an emphasis was placed on the food and incredible architecture.

Next up was Emirates First class from Dubai to New York! As a First passenger, our member naturally had access to the lounge in Dubai. They were almost overwhelmed by the sheer size of it, especially given that so few passengers were using the lounge in Concourse A.

Next, the lounge. Where do I even begin? Its long, with heaps of seating all around. Felt a sudden coldness when i saw the lounge. More souls to be seen at Concourse B lounge and the layout was somewhat similar. Suppose the presence of people make the lounge a little lively. Also felt this Lounge has a little warmth compare to A.

Once again, the on-board service lived up to expectations and the Emirates crew seemed to go above and beyond to make the flight memorable.

As the trip continues our member will fly onwards to Vancouver and Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, with Singapore Airlines Suites to come for the final flights back to Melbourne.

This incredible trip just goes to show the value in frequent flyer points! All flights were booked strategically in order to experience the best that each airline has to offer, while maximising the value of the points used.

View the full trip report, including the many excellent photos HERE.


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