flight-delayOur member Gungadin6’s recent Air New Zealand nuisance has been received with mixed reactions by our forum members.

Gungadin6 was on an Auckland to Sydney flight when it was diverted to Melbourne without explanation. Upon arrival in Melbourne our member was still not given an explanation and waited for forty five minutes to get to the designated desk but to no avail. Fed up with the lack of communication, our member arranged alternative Virgin flights from Melbourne to Sydney. So far his attempts at obtaining compensation from Air New Zealand have proven unsuccessful.

This post caused quite a stir amongst our members and two distinct camps quickly emerged. On one side of the fence were members who believe Air New Zealand are well within their rights to refuse compensation. The policy of the airline is that they do not compensate people who organise their own flights after a diversion. Some member sympathise that whilst it was a difficult situation, they feel travel insurance is our members best bet, as the airline is not strictly liable.

Some members are squarely on team Gungadin6 and are appalled at the lack of communication and assert that allowing chaos to ensue does not equate to good customer service. They believe that the onus is on Air New Zealand to have clearer communication and handle the situation more professionally.

Let us know your thoughts HERE.


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