Podcast #39: How Noise Cancelling Headphones WorkOn long-haul flights, sometimes silence is bliss. That’s why so many frequent flyers use noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the noise of aircraft engines and fellow passengers.

Noise-cancelling headphones may seem like magic, but there’s some very sophisticated science that goes into providing the perfect listening experience. Many years ago Hossein Seif Zadeh, who has a PhD in aerospace engineering, designed a system that smoothes out the vibration of an aircraft wing. That same technology is now used to create noise cancelling headphones. In Episode 39 of AFF on AIR, Hossein explains exactly how that noise cancelling technology works and what to look for in a good pair of headphones.

In this episode, Hossein also explains how Australians may be able to benefit by getting a U.S. credit card, and Matt explains why Asiana Club is such a good frequent flyer program for earning Star Alliance status.

As always, the episode begins with a round-up of the most important Australian airline & frequent flyer news from the past fortnight, including the two big stories from the past few days: Qantas’ harsh but necessary COVID-19 recovery plan, and the announcement of a buyer for Virgin Australia.

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