Podcast #29: Buffalo Airways

Buffalo Airways is not your typical airline. Based in Yellowknife, Canada, Buffalo Airways operates an incredible variety of World War II-era aircraft including the Douglas DC3 and Lockheed Electra in some of the world’s harshest flying conditions. It’s no wonder Buffalo Airways was the subject of the popular television show Ice Pilots NWT.

In Episode 29 of the AFF on AIR podcast, Matt sits down with Buffalo Airways pilot Viktor Babcan in Toulouse, France to talk aboot flying in Canada’s remote north where the temperature regularly drops below minus 40 degrees.

Toulouse also happens to be the home of Airbus, and it’s where Airbus currently manufactures the A380… at least, until the orders dry up and production ends for good in June of this year. In this episode, you’ll also hear about the Airbus factory tours and why it’s the end of the line for the Airbus A380.

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