A humorous take on travelling to Bali

This week one member writes about their travels to the popular Indonesian tourist destination Bali, meeting up with family while earning some Virgin status credits along the way. But this isn’t any ordinary trip report. Along with detailed reviews of the flights, accommodation and things to see and do in Bali, the report is also packed full of humour, making it a very entertaining read.

Our member flew the long way to Bali, travelling from Sydney via Perth in order to earn extra status credits. Flying business class the whole way, the trip was at least comfortable and our member was looked after well. After flying across the country in an almost empty business cabin and negotiating the not-so-seamless airport transfer in the Western Australian capital, it was time to head on to Bali. Virgin international passengers flying out of Perth have access the sanctuary of the Singapore Airlines lounge ahead of the flight. The peace of the lounge would seem to juxtapose the flight to follow…

Flight VA0057 from PER to DPS proved to be a different experience in some sense. We nicknamed this the party bus as this is what came to mind when we saw passengers standing around chatting and having a drink – <ahem>thinking tour busses of our youth<ahem>.

Johnny made the trip memorable with his conversations and hospitality (especially for the lady in the row behind who was not a flier but was more comfortable after an entire bottle…and a half of wine). He insisted that he had arranged wheelchairs for all of us at DPS so we should all eat up and drink up <grin>.

Arriving in Bali would have almost been a seamless experience, if not for the unexplained baggage claim delays.

Anyone who rushed through immigration found that it was all in vain anyway since the luggage took forever to arrive. They decided to play fair and hold the luggage until everyone from the flight was at the luggage carousel. They even fiddled with the hardware while a shrilly alarm was used for our entertainment in the meantime.

In this report we’re treated to photos from all around Bali, including the main sights, hotel and the mouth-watering, cheap food. It’s not often that a meal costing around $5 can look so good. And according to our traveller, food at that price is considered expensive by Indonesian standards.

Vodafone Global Roaming was used as a “precautionary measure” for internet access. According to our correspondent, the hotel’s free wifi seemed to do a better job as connecting to the local network was a slow affair and matters didn’t seem to improve once the connection had been established.

With the stomach satiated my brain demanded some attention. I had to get to the AFF forums to feed on some posts. We have Vodafone International Global Roaming on both our phones (yeah that AUD$5 per day deal) as a precautionary measure when travelling… The Mrs. scored IndoSat on her phone and was not getting any success with data. My phone latched on to 3 and I was getting data…e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y.

This trip report is as much humorous as it is informative. Discover what our member gets up to in Bali, and enjoy the read HERE.


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