Woolworths Rewards Offers Have Become More Generous

Traditionally, the Coles Flybuys program has been more generous with its targeted offers than Woolworths Rewards. But Woolworths Rewards seems to have picked up its game recently.

In October 2019, Woolworths Rewards increased the number of Qantas Frequent Flyer points that can be earned for shopping at Woolworths. Instead of 2,000 Woolworths Rewards points converting to 870 Qantas Frequent Flyer points, the same amount is now worth 1,000 Qantas points. Conversions also now happen within 24 hours, rather than every 3 months.

Well, it seems that Woolworths has also now made improvements on the earning side. Although targeted bonus point offers were few and far between during that strange period of COVID-19 panic buying, the offers have really picked up since the end of April. Many Australian Frequent Flyer members have reported receiving generous offers of bonus points since then for meeting spend targets at Woolies.

I’ve also received generous offers of bonus points from Woolworths Rewards during May, including two consecutive offers of 6,000 points for spending $80 across two weeks. (That’s equivalent to 3,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points each fortnight.)

Example of a Woolworths Rewards targeted offer
Example of a Woolworths Rewards targeted offer

That’s in addition to the current offer of 10 Qantas status credits for every 2,000 Woolworths Rewards points converted to Qantas points until the end of June 2020, up to a maximum of 50 status credits. There have also been some good bonus point offers on gift cards purchased at Woolworths recently.

On top of that, many Woolworths Rewards members were offered 3,000 bonus points last month just for downloading the new Woolworths Rewards App. This week, Woolworths also sent out targeted offers of 3,000 points for subscribing to Woolworths Online Delivery Unlimited (which also comes with a 30-day free trial).

Sadly, Tasmanian Woolworths customers have been excluded from these offers until now because a different loyalty program operates in that state. But Woolworths has confirmed that it will roll out Woolworths Rewards in Tasmania later this year.

It seems Woolworths Rewards has woken up to the importance of a rewarding loyalty program in its fight against Coles. Coles once had a clear edge with its Flybuys program, but Woolworths has picked up its game. Let’s hope there is more of this to come!

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Mary Landi

Thank your Woolworths giving all bonus and especially status credit , loving it all well done Woolworths


Nobody seems to have mentioned that you can no longer earn QFF points direct from Woolworths from going through the Qantas shopping portal. It used to be 2 points per dollar (3 with bonuses) then briefly cut to 1 per dollar, then they axed it completely after Woolworths reopened online grocery orders.

Now the only points you can earn are by converting Woolworths rewards points a half a point per dollar, with the occasional bonus Woolworths points offers discussed in this article.

Priscilla H all

Thanks regarding Qantas frequent flyer rewards. Looking forward to getting some of the bonus rewards messages

Troy Dornan

I must have been or am still being unlucky as I’ve not received any of these offers? I use to get regular offers prior to COVID but have had nothing since. As they say though with each new day comes new hope.


Tasmanians are quite well served by the existing legacy rewards system and will not welcome being forced onto the other scheme. We earn 1 reward point for each dollar spent and that then generates the ability to have a cash deduction on our groceries at point of sale when it reaches 1000 points. Not interested in getting effectively half a point for each dollar spent and it has to be on Frequent Flyer points.

The Flying Brick

But surely any AFF member would look at upsizing the value of those points for QF flight upgrades, J class bookings, or putting towards a One World Classic Award?

At values of up to 7 cents a QFF point (equal to 3.5 cents for a Woolies rewards point) why would anyone want to burn points getting o.5 cents (or 1 cent in the case of Tasmania) a point back from Woolworths?

And don’t forget the Bonus point offers that can earn thousands of points on top – which (gulp!) can also be used to spend on groceries, instead of more flights 🙁


Because the majority of Tasmanians are not AFF members and would prefer dollars in the pocket reducing their spend rather than wait for years to have enough points to upgrade or buy a points ticket. I agree it might appeal to an AFF member but they are in the minority.

Anthony Austin

It’s a long time since a decent Woolworths rewards offer came my way (in the NT). They used to be not infrequent. Are we currently being excluded from this renewed “generosity”? On the other hand, I’ve had some good flybuys offers from Coles in the last couple of months, .Hence just about all my shopping has been at Coles. I look at Woolworths specials, and that’s about it.