One member this week has a rather enviable problem. They have a ten day holiday to plan and have no idea where to go. Our well-travelled and limitlessly helpful bunch are delighted to provide some getaway recommendations.

Locally, Central and Northern Australia were highly recommended for their culture and unique experiences. Our nearby Kiwi cousins in New Zealand are also worth a visit. Home to scenic drives and adventure sports, a ten day New Zealand getaway is an ideal choice.

For a more exotic twist, Asia was a popular suggestion. Living the resort life in Thailand or island-hopping was highly recommended. The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong was also trumpeted as a travelers delight. Kuala Lumpur was also flagged as more than just a stop-over destination with great bars, markets, and good value for money. The gastronomical delights of Asia are also a highlight for many visitors.

Once the destination is settled upon, our member has a veritable wealth of knowledge awaiting via our forum to assist in landing the best flights, hotels and the must-see tourist sites!

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