Virgin Business Class Catering Cutbacks
This is what Virgin Australia is now serving for lunch in domestic Business class

Virgin Australia has replaced its hot lunch service in Business class with smaller cold snacks such as salads and sandwiches. The change would appear to be a cost-cutting measure.

The airline says that it’s simply responding to customer feedback. But frequent flyers that have experienced Virgin’s new “lighter” Business class lunch service say they were left feeling hungry and disappointed.

Virgin’s lighter lunch options were rolled out on domestic flights last month. On many flights, the Business class lunch choices are now either a small salad or chicken sandwich, such as the sandwich pictured above which was served to AFF member Denali on a recent flight. A small quiche is also on the lunch menu rotation. Meanwhile, one unimpressed AFF member reports that the only item available on their lunchtime Business class flight was a scone with jam and cream.

Bread rolls, which are normally served with meals in Virgin Australia Business class, are also now off the lunch menu.

Virgin Australia serves lunch in Business class on flights departing between 11.30am and 1.29pm. The change appears to be impacting shorter domestic flights departing between these times.

We reached out to Virgin Australia, who told us that they’ve been trialling the new lunch menu after receiving feedback from customers that wanted lighter meals at lunchtime.

“Based on the feedback we’ve received we are looking at making additions to ensure there’s as much choice as possible for our Business Class guests on these short-haul services,” the Virgin Australia spokesperson added.

Here’s what AFF members have had to say about the light lunch service in Virgin Australia Business class:

Was in J, VA782 CNS-BNE 12:40 flight Friday 13th Dec, and no hot options, Choice was either a salad or a chicken sandwich. I didnt see this thread until now, but i sent in feedback asking if this was a new enhancement or an error in the catering.

Was pretty disappointed, as ive taken this flight a fair few times, and usually hold off eating in the lounge beforehand.

BNE to Syd, delayed flight from 1pm to about 2.15 pm and it’s a chicken sandwich. Glad I had fish and chips and a bit of chunky Christmas ham off the bone in the lounge.

Lunch onboard VA 741 MEL-OOL. I had both options on my tray because my wife was holding the little one next to me. It was disappointing to say the least. The chicken sandwich didn’t taste fresh and the cold noodle salad was tasty but there wasn’t enough so i was left hungry. A packet of chips from the pantry was the only thing offered afterwards. I wish I ate more in the lounge. No hot options available at lunch time (departs at 12:20pm) on 2+ hour flight is poor. If this is the new lighter / fresh menu then it sucks and smells like bad cost cutting to me. Glad this was a points upgrade, I’d be pissed if I paid for J.

The change comes just months after Virgin started charging Business class passengers for food and drinks from the economy class retail menu.

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The only major difference between that lunch and one thrown at you down the back is that the wrappers appear to have been removed. At least the crusts are cut off I guess! If I were flying VA business (as I have many times) and that was served, I’d be most displeased. How base.


I love how airlines often make changes based on ‘simply responding to customer feedback’ & yet I’ve never found anybody who responded to any feedback questioner.
Maybe this is the same enigma that is plastered all over building sites, ‘Bill Posters will be prosecuted’ but I can never find out who Bill Posters is or anyone who’s ever met him

Laszlo Balazs

very bad move from Virgin-they will certainly loose if they keep up this frugal attitude for business class


Or even lose.


I don’t mind a light lunch, but not a boring one. Surely their food consultants can come up with something more interesting than this and still be economically produced.


“Customer feedback”. Yeah we’re all know what that means. Let’s see the raw data.


Absolutely pathetic!!!!. This has got absolutely nothing to do with business class service. Mark my words, Paul Scurrah is the beginning and the end of Virgin Australia.


What a load of …….. surely Virgin Business flyers aren’t fooled by a cold chicken sandwich. Was once a loyal Virgin customer but Qantas any day.


Thats great, im now retired but when I was working and flying often 2 to 3 times a month, it was always great to get on a flight on early Friday, and after a week of restaurant lunches and dinners, to have a sandwich on the way home, weather in business or economy. Often when I got home on Friday night, I’d say to my wife all I want this weekend is sandwiches. Thank you

David R

I’ve been Platinum with Virgin for about 9 years now and one thing that’s always kept me coming back is the quality of the business class service amd meal offering compared to Qantas. Now they seem to be saying that they don’t want my patronage any more.


we recently flew to Auckland NZ both my husband and I and we where shocked at the poor quality of business class by virgin. Seats where very basic, no USB charging points, not even a TV Screen absolutely nothing! We felt ripped off and so very disappointed in what we thought would have been a flight a cut above economy, but wrong was the same with a Business class price tag. We got the offer of 2 choices for lunch and it was the same as was offered to economy, I was refused the drink I wanted in the virgin… Read more »


Well, at least living in Perth they can’t pull this kind of hustle on the coast to coast flights,
I do wonder however if travelling between Sydney and Melbourne if its more viable just paying for economy and paying excess baggage fees

Has anyone done a coast to coast recently?, any noticeable changes?


You can pay nearly 1k business return or more from MEL-SYD and they give you a cold crust less sandwich you could buy in the terminal for $8… yer another great idea virgin! Couldn’t get more budget if you tried


Very disappointed in VA, once again they seem to miss the mark. I find their food in the lounge quite boring and uninspiring along with their wines. I used to enjoy their in-flight meals. I was thinking of moving back to VA but after reading this report I will stick with QF..


Mmm…”Customer Feedback”. I have flown Virgin business class many times in the past three years and not once have I been asked for feedback. So I do not believe their Customer Feedback BS. . Cutting service in business class is suicidal. It would seem to me that Virgin wants to get ahead of QANTAS the best thing they should upgrade, not downgrade, business class service.