Velocity's New "Refer a Friend" PromoVelocity Frequent Flyer members can earn up to 20,000 Velocity points thanks to a new promotion from Virgin Australia. The “refer and be rewarded” promotion encourages Velocity members to sign friends and family members up for the Velocity Frequent Flyer program by offering an incentive for each new registration. It’s an interesting promotion, although it appears to be targeted – meaning you may or may not be eligible to take part.

The concept of Velocity’s referral promotion is simple. Members (which Velocity calls “earnbassadors”) are given a unique referral link to send to friends or family members that might be interested in joining Velocity Frequent Flyer. If the new member signs up by 31 March and earns at least 50 Velocity points by 30 April 2019, the “earnbassador” or referrer will receive 1,000 Velocity points. The new member, or referee, will also be rewarded with 2,000 Velocity points.

Email from Velocity Frequent Flyer
Email from Velocity Frequent Flyer

According to the “Velocity Member Get Member” offer terms and conditions, referrers can earn a maximum of 20,000 Velocity points if you sign up twenty new members, who each in turn earn at least 50 Velocity points by the deadline. Speaking of the deadline, the referees must earn the minimum Velocity points by the end of April but the points just need to credit by the end of July 2019.

Points earned via family pooling, family transfers or credited as a gesture of goodwill by Velocity do not count for the purposes of this promotion. And in order to earn the bonus points, the referee must never have previously been a member of Velocity Frequent Flyer.

Although the Velocity referral promotion is an interesting concept, many AFF members say they are unlikely to participate – the main reason being that they don’t know anyone that isn’t already a member!

I do not know anybody who is not already a VFF member so a bit useless for me….

I received it, but can’t think of anyone to refer. Given that Velocity membership is free I kind of feel like if they haven’t signed up by this point they’re probably not going to.

But some members will be able to take advantage of the offer…

I received the offer – basically 4k points for a little effort.

If you do manage to convince a friend or family member to sign up to Velocity Frequent Flyer, one of the easiest ways to earn the 50 Velocity points would have to be at BP. You can earn 2 Velocity points per litre of fuel, so filling up a tank of petrol with at least 25 litres would do the trick.

I’m thinking to sign my daughter up then swipe the card at BP. Easily do 50 points by April.

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