Unlimited German Train Travel for a Month for $14!

German trains Deutsche Bahn
For the next three months, get unlimited regional train travel in Germany for just €9 per month! Photo: Matt Graham.

If you’re travelling to Europe over the upcoming northern hemisphere summer months, there’s a great deal on train travel in Germany that you might like to take advantage of!

Deutsche Bahn, the operator of trains throughout Germany, is offering unlimited travel on local and regional public transport for just €9 per month during June, July and August 2022. That’s less than AUD14 for a whole month of train travel anywhere within Germany!

The 9-Euro-Ticket, as its called, can be bought on the Deutsche Bahn website or through the DB Navigator App as a mobile ticket. It’s also available from Deutsche Bahn ticket machines and booking offices throughout Germany. Both German residents and tourists can take advantage of this offer.

Even if you’re just taking one or two regional trains in Germany, the 9-Euro-Ticket is likely to work out cheaper than buying a regular fare!

This ticket is valid for one calendar month and can be used on local public transport within all German towns and cities including S-Bahn (suburban) trains, U-Bahn (underground) trains, local buses and tram services. It can also be used on regional trains with an “RE” or “RB” train number. Note that seat reservations are not possible on these trains.

Deutsche Bahn’s 9-Euro-Tickets cannot be used for travel in first class. They also can’t be used on white intercity express trains or Eurocity trains, which have train numbers starting with “ICE”, “IC” or “EC”. But if you’re travelling between cities, it is often possible to make the trip using regional trains – it’s just slower as the trains stop more frequently, and you may need to change trains more often.

The German government has launched this initiative to encourage more people to use public transport over the busy summer months, in response to rising energy and fuel prices in Europe.

Huge demand for 9-Euro-Tickets

The 9-Euro-Tickets only went on sale this week, but have already proven hugely popular – to the point that the websites and Apps of various German public transport operators crashed for a short time!

Train services in Germany are often busy during the summer months anyway, and this is likely to add to the demand even further. So if you’re planning to travel by train in Germany over the next 3 months, you could expect some trains to be crowded.

If you would prefer to pay a little more to avoid the crowds, you can still book intercity trains and first class tickets on some regional trains… but you’ll have to pay the normal price for that.

Get unlimited train travel in NSW with a Discovery Pass

If you’re not travelling to Europe over the Australian winter months, don’t forget that there’s also a great deal on regional train travel available right here in Australia!

It’s not quite as cheap as the Deutsche Bahn offer, but NSW TrainLink offers unlimited train travel for six months anywhere within NSW, as well as to Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, from just $420 with its Discovery Pass.


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Bought mine for August.

Will be saving enough traveling from the airport into the city.

Doesn't include the high speed IC or ICE trains though.

I'll be within Frankfurt, Berlin and Bavaria so will come in very handy

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The site was overloaded last night during the start of the promotion but working fine for us this morning. Looks like it will save us around 40 Euro each without changing any plans

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It's really an excellent deal. You could easily travel all over Germany using regional trains! (Sure, they're a bit slower as they stop everywhere, but this way you can also hop off and see more things along the way.)

Reply 3 Likes

Brilliant deal for only 9 Euro!!

Reply 2 Likes

I was getting a ticket to MUC from the city and it was €12.10. A quick rethink and I saved money on the first trip!

Reply 3 Likes

I was getting a ticket to MUC from the city and it was €12.10. A quick rethink and I saved money on the first trip!

Haha that's exactly how I thought it would pan out

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Trouble is now I am thinking of how to get back to Germany to make use of it some more! :oops:

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Trouble is now I am thinking of how to get back to Germany to make use of it some more! :oops:

Fly Lovehansa:

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click to expand...

Trouble is now I am thinking of how to get back to Germany to make use of it some more! :oops:

If you enjoy wineries, head to " newtown on the wine road" near Mannheim ish

Or the sinshiem tech museum where they have Concorde, near Heidelberg

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Trouble is now I am thinking of how to get back to Germany to make use of it some more! :oops:

Me too! I’m currently on a regional train, trying to work out if I can wrangle an extension to my trip. The ticket would have cost me €30 normally. I made my travel plans and booked an ICE out of Germany before the €9 ticket announcement. Otherwise I’d probably have stuck around a bit longer.

I expected the train to be packed because of the discounted travel, but there are plenty of spare seats. It makes a nice change from the packed flights.

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