If you’re lucky enough to travel in Business or First, often you can rely on the airline to provide you with a pack of amenities such as toothbrush, moisturiser and toothpaste amongst other things. As each airline varies in what it offers and in some cases offer nothing, asking our frequent flyers what to expect can help with the planning.

As I don’t want to double up on what the airline may provide business class pax, what personal care items do you receive for in flight use? We are flying Brisbane-Heathrow next month. Many thanks, Anna

With the advent of liquids aerosols and gel limitations in place for many countries, travellers are limited on what they can take onboard to make the flight more comfortable. For some of our members, the airline offerings are a waste of time.

Cheap socks, a flimsy toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste, ear buds, eye shades, small amounts of cream for hands and face. I find the actual bag as being the most practical item and bring my own things for everything else.

Others treat the premium light experience as something to be maximised. With a little preparation, that first class spa visit can be enjoyed in the air as well as in the lounge.

I’ve put together a sweet little kit for my next long haul flight in J. I intend to have a glass of champagne, take my makeup off and give myself a nice mini spa treatment. I’ve got quite a few single use samples and travel size things kicking around and thought they’d be perfect, so I’ve curated: make up remover wipes, moisturizing face mask, some kind of serum thing, a good moisturizer, lip balm, hand cream and nail file, moisturizing eye drop vials &pilfered hotel slippers. Mustn’t forget those!

Whether you take your own kit or rely on the airline, there is no hard and fast rule. The airline might provide a brand or contents that you don’t like. Or you may prefer to supply your own, knowing the kit you get can be sold on eBay, with some reaching $100 or more!

If you’re not sure of what to expect, why not ask our members? Chances are we have had at least one member fly recently with an airline you plan to fly with, and can provide the low down on what to expect. Or perhaps you were impressed with a kit you recently received, why not join the conversation HERE.


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