tantrum-on-planeScreaming toddlers can be a nightmare anywhere, let alone on a long flight. But one member this week wonders if they are simply asking for trouble by taking their 18-month-old with them on a long flight in first class.

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Of prime concern to our member is the disruption and inconvenience a screaming infant could cause to fellow passengers, who may have payed many thousands of dollars to fly in the pointy end of the plane. Most passengers in premium cabins pay a lot of money in order to maximise comfort and sleep on board. The last thing they would want is their peace to be shattered by piercing screaming coming from a disruptive toddler.

However, many of our members support the proposition. They believe that if the child is well-behaved, or sleeps for the entire trip, then they will be of little or no inconvenience to fellow passengers. In fact, some members believe that first class is the solution, rather than the cause of problems as the child will be more comfortable and therefore less likely to run amuck.

Several members have themselves travelled in premium cabins with young children, without issues. In their experience, the flight attendants went out of their way to help and most fellow passengers were understanding. However, other members have not been prepared to take this risk. One member opted to take their daughter to Europe in economy in case she “lost the plot” – which she apparently did. This member is thankful that the situation was not exacerbated by being in first class.

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