This week one of our members is off to Europe. With many members having recently taken advantage of a generous US Air Dividend Miles promotion and likely to be following in their footsteps soon, it’s a good snapshot of what many can expect when travelling to Europe on Star Alliance members.

First leg is with Thai, an airline many are familiar with. Thai is one of the few carriers offering first class services from Australia that can be easily be booked using points. While it’s not state of the art when it comes to the equipment, it’s still first class.

Boarding was easy, PB worked well. A bit disappointed to get the old F cabin on the B747 but it’s a day flight and I will be on the A380 for my coming night flight to CDG so no big deal. The cabin was 2/3 full and as soon as I took my seat in 1A I was offered a glass of DOM 2004.

We are soon treated to various courses of fine dining that First class can offer. Caviar, scallops, and even duck liver terrine make an appearance. When it comes to the main, rather than selecting one from the menu, our member has pre-ordered a special selection from Thai’s version of book the cook, Lobster Thermidore. Like many carriers, food can often disappoint when not departing from a home port, and sadly the meal finisher, the cheese plate disappoints. The barely eaten plate is noticed by the crew, and after some investigation, an alternative is found that does the job.

As is common with flights in First and sometimes even Business, time flies, and we are soon in Bangkok, where it’s time for some spa treatments and a stretch of the legs. After an hour’s massage, more food and drink, the next leg begins, a midnight departure to Paris on the A380.

Boarding was fast and easy and although J was full, we were only 3 pax in F. I guess TG are not so generous with upgrades. The CSM told me it’s very rare to have F so empty. The seats on the A380 are fantastic, so different then the old B747.

Once again its food and drink time. Dom Perignon 2004 makes another appearance as does the caviar. With an Asian inspired main out of the way it’s soon time for the cheese plate, greatly improved on the previous flights offerings. With ice cream rounding off the supper, its time for bed and a good sleep.

With a day trip to Paris and a few days in Athens on the cards, this trip promises to be an interesting one. What will some of the other flights be like, including Agean and their version of Euro Business? Perhaps you have an upcoming trip involving similar flights, why not join the journey to see what treats might await you HERE.


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