The Best Qantas A380 Economy Seats
The Best Qantas A380 Economy Seats

The prospect of sitting in Economy on a long-haul flight can be daunting. But not all seats were created equal! Luckily, exit row and extra-legroom seats can make the flight much more comfortable.

There are a number of excellent Qantas Economy seats on the Airbus A380 to choose from.

What economy seats would people suggest for someone 6 foot 8 tall? Don’t normally have the luxury of choosing an exit row as the kids are usually traveling with me… but not flying with me this time to LAX. I don’t mind paying for the exit row but wouldn’t be adverse to a cheaper option with leg room.

The following Qantas A380 Economy seats receive a tick of approval from our experienced members: 71D, 80A, 80K, 48A, 66A and 66K. The A & K (window) seats in rows 66 and 80 are located behind emergency exit rows. But with no seat in front, these seats benefit from an enormous amount of legroom. The lack of a seat in front also makes it easy to get in and out of the seat without disturbing other passengers.

Similarly, 71D is a great option because seat 70D does not exist. In this case, the reason for the missing seat is an emergency escape hatch built into the floor where the seat should be. The hatch acts as an emergency exit for a crew rest area located beneath the cabin floor.

I am a few inches shorter than the OP, and to my mind 80 A/K, the exit rows, and 71D are the only options. 80 A/K are really good seats. The exit rows are comfortable seats but you do get knocked, stood on at night, etc. (tip: wear white socks so people have half a chance of seeing your feet and not stepping on them).

Seats 35J and 35K on the upper deck also offer extra legroom. These seats are ideal for a couple as there are just two seats together, however the row is missing a window.

Some members enjoy the extra knee room that comes with a bulkhead seat. There’s also the added benefit of having nobody in front of you to recline. In Economy, bulkhead seats are available in rows 32, 51, 52 and 81. But some feel that a lack of overall legroom can make the flight rather uncomfortable.

The bulkheads are torture because you can’t straighten your legs. A regular seat is better, although still very uncomfortable.

The majority of extra legroom seats do cost extra. The fee is $180 to select one of these seats on most A380 flights. Between Australia and Dubai, or Dubai and London, this fee is $90. The fee is waived for Qantas Platinum One frequent flyers. But even if you’re not a Platinum One flyer, many feel that the extra cost is worth the added comfort.

How can you be sure that one of your preferred seats is still available before booking? The answer is to simply sign up for a free Expert Flyer account, and search the up-to-date seat map for your preferred flight.

If you’re flying from Dallas/Fort Worth to Sydney on Qantas flight QF8, there’s one other way to enjoy some extra comfort on your flight. Qantas will let you purchase an entire row of seats on QF8 for as little as $250!

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