Singapore Airlines Call Centre Frustration

Singapore Airlines Call Centre FrustrationSingapore Airlines is renowned for consistently good service in the air. In fact, it just won the Skytrax award for world’s best airline! Unfortunately, this quality customer service doesn’t extend to the Singapore Airlines call centre.

AFF member bean has had some very frustrating experiences with the Singapore Airlines and KrisFlyer call centres lately. Most of this member’s requests have been straightforward. Yet, the call centre agents have either been unable to help, unwilling to help or factually incorrect in their advice.

Every call is an arduous process that takes an hour minimum of you repeating yourself adnausuem until you eventually by sheer luck have them indicate they understand…only to prove themselves wrong and tell you they will have to call you back.

On the whole, others have had positive experiences with the Singapore Airlines call centre and were surprised to read about these problems.

All I can say is that the above differs entirely from my experience over the years of making various redemption bookings and itinerary changes of varying complexity. One of the better airline call centres I’ve had to deal with.

So, what’s the deal with the Singapore Airlines call centre?

If your call to an airline is getting nowhere, one option is to hang up and call again. But with Singapore Airlines, it seems the service quality depends on which call centre you reach. A better strategy in this case is to ensure you’re reaching the Singapore-based call centre. Singapore Airlines has three main call centres in Singapore, India and the Philippines. In our experience, the Singapore-based agents are much more helpful, competent and polite.

AFF member Cruiser Elite has some helpful advice to ensure you reach the Singaporean call centre:

The ONLY call ctr you should ever call is Singapore – if you are based in Australia simply dial 02 8228 1188 and it will divert directly to the Singapore ctr – it will NEVER divert to India or Philippines. (This has been posted ad nauseam in the SQ Tips, Trips and Tales’ thread)

If you are not based in Australia then call the Singapore call ctr direct on +65 6789 8188.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME calling any other numbers – call either of these 2 ONLY.

Bean followed this advice and eventually managed to get through to the Singaporean call centre. The problems were quickly resolved.

Ok so all problems have now been resolved. It seems the clear answer is avoid the Phillipines and Indian call centres AT ALL COSTS!!! The Singapore team cleaned up in a couple of hours what the other jokers couldn’t in 5 days.

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