Many of our members have a preference for one airline or another, and find themselves more often than not flying that airline for the majority of flights. With some of the amazing savings to be had by buying miles through US Air’s Dividend Miles Program or Avianca (see our Knowledge Centre for more details), the temptation can be too great. It’s time to see how things stack up, in this case flying Thai instead of Singapore Airlines.

Many no doubt know I am an Singapore Air devotee and fly them almost exclusively and quite regularly. Had I not had access to the Thai flights via US Air Dividend Miles I would have flown Singapore First Melbourne-Singapore-Zurich / Frankfurt-Singapore-Melbourne – the TG itinerary at 150K USDM mls (I think this was the pts cost – I cannot actually remember TBH) + $200 taxes looks cheap right? Well so far that is what I am getting – a very cheap alternative – so far anyway. Now I am really trying to be subjective here and not try to compare it too much to SQ – just my assessment of what I think J and F should deliver.

Things don’t get off to a good start for our devoted Singapore Air traveller. While Star Alliance does allow passengers to use member lounges when travelling in the premium cabins, they need to be open. With the Singapore lounge closed, time is spent in the somewhat ordinary Air New Zealand lounge instead, before moving to the recently refurbished Singapore lounge.

Soon it’s time to board, and the problems begin. A seat change is in order to give some personal space in a busy cabin. Unfortunately, the seat turns out to be somewhat uncomfortable. Next comes the power outlet, despite being similar if not the same to what most airlines use, it’s not cooperating. The Australian plug won’t plug in, and the crew have no idea. It’s time for a drink.

Next we get a drink – Piper Heidsieck as expected – but warm – and served in thimbles – we are not off to a good start. Did I mention the seat not comfortable? Then they serve lunch – starter was some dodgy corn fritters – one bite – pass on that – next was some dried out salmon – pass on that – salad consisted tiny bit of wilted lettuce with caeser dressing – then some terrible excuse for chicken with fried rice and veg for main – had 2 bites and left rest – bit of fruit – coffee undrinkable – 2 chockies – I like chockies. Did I also mention the Piper Heidsieck was not cold. What a terrible excuse for a meal in Business.

They say a change is as good as a holiday but this trip has not got off to a good start. Will things improve, could it be possible that Thai might offer an experience that exceeds expectations somewhere along the journey, why not find out HERE.


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