Qantas Fuel Surcharge Cuts: Smoke and Mirrors or Tangible Benefit?

smoke-and-mirrorQantas has announced that fuel-related surcharges will now gradually be absorbed into base fares for Frequent Flyer redemption tickets. This announcement has been trumpeted as Qantas delivering a real and tangible benefit to loyal frequent flyers. However, many of our members remain sceptical about this announcement.

One member has opined that until Qantas are in line with Virgin Australia charges, this announcement only represents a slightly smaller negative against Qantas rather than a positive change. Many of our members feel that this is a reactionary measure by Qantas who are responding simply to the ongoing pressure to compete with Virgin. The “too little too late” adage is the cat-call of some of our members who are cynical about Qantas’ motives.

Our members also warn that the Qantas marketing spin cannot always be trusted. A closer analysis of the announcement has already revealed some cracks. For example, it is not an abolition of the surcharge, but rather a reduction. Furthermore, there is no change to fuel surcharges on flights to Europe and the Middle East. This increases speculation that the Qantas partnership with Emirates is a little one-sided.

The overall consensus seems to be that any reduction is welcome; however the marketing spin has not been the success that Qantas were perhaps hoping for.

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