Qantas vs Singapore Airlines Service: Chalk & Cheese

Qantas vs Singapore Airlines Service: Chalk & CheeseOne AFF member recently flew with Qantas to Singapore, then returning with Singapore Airlines. Unfortunately for henleybeach, their suitcase was damaged on both flights. But the follow-up customer service received from each airline could not have been more different!

This member flew with Qantas in Business class from Adelaide to Singapore in February. They sent photos and an email to Qantas on the day of arrival and were promised a response within 15 days. Two months later, Qantas still has not responded. Attempts to reach the Qantas call centre were also fruitless.

Feb 16 2018 I flew ADL-MEL-SIN business class with Qantas. Once I landed in Singapore and collected my bag, I noticed 2 of the wheels were smashed off and my case cracked . It was around 2300 so I just got in a cab and to my room. Took photos and and sent a email to qantas. Got the standard generic email back saying the would reply within 15 days . To this day I’ve not heard a response. Nothing . Two days ago I tried ringing up and I was on hold three seperate times for 45 minutes so I gave up .

By unlucky coincidence, the new suitcase that henleybeach purchased in Singapore was also damaged on the return trip to Adelaide. But the Singapore Airlines service could not be faulted. Within one day, Singapore Airlines proactively called this member to apologise. And within one week, Singapore Airlines had delivered a brand new suitcase to this member’s house!

Flew home Singapore airlines, when we landed and my bag came out, I couldn’t believe it my brand new bag that was 3 days old was smashed!

First time I’ve ever had damaged suitcase let alone two in one trip within a week ! I emailed Singapore airlines and Took photos that night at home after landing. The very next day Singapore airlines rang me to apologise and said to take my suitcase to a luggage shop in Adelaide for inspection . I did that and within a week (February)a brand new suitcase was delivered to my door ! I was blown away with the customer service. And I’m still waiting to hear back from qantas!

Such proactive customer service reflects extremely favourably on Singapore Airlines service standards. Not so much for Qantas.

Some AFF members believe that Qantas would have responded more quickly if the suitcase was presented to ground staff at Singapore Airport on arrival.

May have been better in the QF situation to advise at the airport as you are required to notify the airline as soon as you discover the damage.

But this doesn’t excuse Qantas’ failure to even acknowledge the complaint after two months. Qantas has received a lot of criticism in recent months for its lack of customer service. Customers are left waiting hours to speak to someone at Qantas’ call centre – or weeks for replies to emails. And any time where a refund or compensation is due, the customer is often in for a real battle. In fact, some members wonder whether Qantas’ lack of customer service could be a deliberate tactic to stop customers from bothering to complain and to encourage them to give up on chasing refunds.

I’m sure this a tactic from the big companies , just ignore, ignore, ignore and the customer will just give up because it’s too hard!

These days it seems the only way to get a prompt response from Qantas is to shame the airline publicly on social media. As one member opines, this reflects poorly on the airline’s official complaint channels.

If a very formal and correct communication style (such as the OP’s initial email) is not sufficient to establish communications between the parties, then the system is stuffed.

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