Qantas Priority Baggage Blues

baggage-bluesThis week our members complain about the notoriously unpredictable approach of Qantas to priority baggage. One member has status, flies business class and has priority marked luggage but finds that their bags are still often the last to arrive off the conveyor.

Many members find this frustrating given that priority luggage is trumpeted as a perk to obtaining status. According to some members, the promised priority luggage perk should be removed by Qantas, as it is clearly not abided by on a consistent basis. Complaints by our members to Qantas have seen baggage handlers copping the blame from the Qantas customer service team. Our member’s experiences have suggested that international priority baggage has been dealt with better, meaning that the problem may be an Australian one.

There is general agreement amongst our members that the time of check-in does not seem to impact upon their experience. Further, since the introduction of self-check-in they have found that the approach to priority luggage has become increasingly inconsistent.

Some members believe this is well and truly a first-world problem and suggest that passengers should be grateful if their bag simply arrives at their final destination. Some speculate that expectations may be too high.

Despite the contrary views, the lack of consistency of Qantas customer service is a common catch cry on the forum.

Follow the discussion HERE.


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