More Qantas pain due this month

For the past few years Qantas customers have become used to the bad news. With each 6 monthly financial results announcement, the chances of new equipment, routes and services diminish. This month it appears it will be no different. With the results due soon, news is already leaking out that further job cuts are going to be announced. For many of our members, it’s another bitter pill to swallow.

When will this end? Seriously how can a once great airline be in such a mess and yet still retain the same management team that have driven this once profitable iconic airline into the ground? Enough is Enough surely Joyce and ensemble have to go.

It could be said one of Qantas’s main assets still left is its people on the front line. Experienced staff is the very reason we fly Qantas. But everywhere you look there are reminders of what used to be. As you sit in the Business lounge in Sydney, you get to gaze over hangers once filled with aircraft being serviced by Australian staff. Those hangers are now mostly empty. Just around the corner you have the jet base, where in the past you would be lucky to find a place to park a Cessna. These days, that same area is a concrete desert, with less than a handful of aircraft to be seen at any one time.

So what happened for Qantas to get to where it is today? Some of our members feel the bean counters have had too much say in the airlines operations. Others feel perhaps management have been getting their inspiration from the odd TV episode.

Its the Yes, Minister solution isn’t it? Remember the episode where they had a hospital, which ran very efficiently and within budget … oh, because it didn’t have any patients or medical staff. QFi without any international routes is probably seen in much the same light by management.

If there are going to be staff cuts, maybe it’s time to remove the non performing management teams rather than those that are the spirit and essence of the airline at the frontline. Maybe it’s time those who were responsible for the flawed vision and red herrings to be held accountable for those decisions.

Another couple of thousands to go but the ones who should go will still be there – the board, the CEO, the many other CEO’s (like the CEO of INTL)…………none. The same ones who make stupid decisions that the whole airlines is paying for – like not ordering the 777, not taking the 787 when they could, the whole Red Q rubbish, Jetstar’s expansion beyond its means, 65%………..the list goes on. The people making those wrong decisions are still there……..

Do you feel letting more front line staff go is the best course for Qantas? If you were the CEO of Qantas, what would you do? Have your say HERE.


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