With August 1 being D Day for credit cards to lose their signatures, there has been some speculation that we are finally entering the cashless era. Technologies such as Paywave etc. allow transactions that are quick and easy negating the need for cash. But we all need to keep those cards somewhere. Throw in the need of a frequent flyer to often carry a passport, and that choice of a wallet or bag becomes all the more important.

For years I searched for the ideal wallet which I could fit in my pocket, carry a heap of cards for the vast array of things that people assume we absolutely must have a card for, carry cash and have a coin purse. I came to the conclusion that the less material for the wallet, the slimmer it must be when full and similarly, less zips the thinner (Velcro preferably) and definitely no buttons or push clasps as I destroyed a few cards with those useless inventions. So I ask you guys………which wallet do you recommend?

Some of our community members prefer to keep things simple. They keep just a few cards in a wallet and for any other requirements; it’s a case of asking their partner to chip in from their bag. A bit like the saying; behind every good man is a good woman, just with the addition of a handbag! That’s fine when you travel together, but it does not help the solo traveller.

Others prefer to travel light and not carry a wallet in their clothes at all. Everything goes in their backpack, briefcase or their manbag. This is not a bad habit to get into if you’re frequently going through security checkpoints at airports, where everything must be out of the pockets. It does come with some risk however, as bags can be an easy target for pickpockets in crowded areas.

I hope you hold onto it carefully! I like my passport and cards to be on my body at all times.

For many of our members, the answer seems to be a product from Bellroy. They are an Australian company located at Jan Juc, on Victoria’s surf coast. With a focus on innovative design and quality construction, their products are sold all over the world. Despite being something of a quiet achiever, they certainly have a solid following in the frequent flyer community with their “slim your wallet” ideology.

I currently have 11 cards plus my passport and a few cash notes/receipts in my Bellroy travel wallet and it’s only 20mm thick at the maximum point. There is something about the thin, but tough leather that seems to set the Bellroy apart.

How do you keep track of all the cards you need to carry, perhaps a smart phone negates the need to carry much at all, or have you found the ideal wallet or man bag, join the conversation HERE.


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