Delays with Jetstar Points & Status Credits

Delays with Jetstar Points & Status Credits

When flying Jetstar, Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn Qantas points and status credits by purchasing a Starter or Max Bundle. But, in recent months, these points and status credits have been taking an unacceptably long time to post. And, in many cases, the Jetstar points and status credits are not crediting at all without manual intervention.

There are two key problems here. The first issue is the amount of time it’s taking for points and status credits earned from Jetstar flights to be posted to Qantas Frequent Flyer members’ accounts. Many AFF members have experienced delays of up to 8 weeks – and in some cases even longer – waiting for Jetstar points and status credits to post.

Many AFF members have resorted to submitting a missing points claim with Qantas when waiting for Jetstar points and status credits. Most report that the flight will eventually be credited around 2-3 weeks after claiming for the missing points.

Such long delays in waiting for Qantas points and status credits earned from Jetstar flights can cause numerous problems for frequent flyers. In one example, ninin had already done enough flying to requalify for Platinum status. But the long delay in status credits posting from a particular Jetstar flight meant this member would lose their Platinum status just before an overseas trip. The delayed status credits would mean the loss of First Lounge access. The Qantas call centre was unable to help unless this member agreed to pay 100,000 Qantas points to renew their Platinum status!

Current Platinum year will expire on 31/8 in just 11 days. Flew Jetstar Max fare between Melbourne and GC on 6 August which will provide the status credits to re-qualify for Platinum. Have trip booked to USA leaving 5 September.

Anticipating the delay in posting points, I called the Service Centre on my return and was told to send through Boarding Passes and Itinerary. Followed up two weeks later only to be told that I didn’t send the images through as PDFs and to resend them through and call them back today (note I was not originally told to send through as PDFs).

So as requested, called back this morning. The operator told me that they would not credit my account until they had confirmation back from Jetstar, could take 28 days etc…

She said that there was nothing I could do but wait. Oh,…. but I have been targeted for an offer to retain Platinum- 100,000 points. I was furious, I asked why would I accept this when I have already qualified for Platinum.

This is not the only problem with Jetstar points and status credits. The second issue is that Jetstar flights booked by Club Jetstar members are automatically being credited as “Classic Reward” flights. No Qantas points or status credits are therefore being earned on these flights.

Just been on the phone to QFF and guess what its a Jetstar problem! They are trying to tell me that as I am a Club Jetstar member that this is telling the system that I have a discounted fare that QFF pick up as a reward booking. Sheesh!

A Qantas spokesperson told Australian Frequent Flyer that the airline is aware of the delays some Qantas Frequent Flyer members are experiencing with Qantas points and status credits from Jetstar flights appearing in their accounts. Jetstar is currently updating the system used to transfer the necessary information to Qantas Frequent Flyer.

Hopefully the ongoing issues with Qantas points and status credits earned via Jetstar will be resolved soon. In the meantime, double-check your activity statement and hold onto any Jetstar boarding passes until the points have credited correctly. You may need to submit a missing points claim or contact the Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre if your points and status credits don’t appear correctly.

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