gratefulOne long-term lurker but infrequent poster takes an opportunity to thank the amazing array of talent that our AFF community has to offer. The tips and hints provided on the forum has inspired this newbie to start a “points project” in an effort to get their family of four to the US for a holiday adventure.

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This newbie’s points project has two simple rules. The first is to use account-linked credit cards for everyday normal spending and the second is to take advantage of special points offers for the occasional “creative spend”. Our newbie is keen to hear further hints and tips on how to enhance points by shopping rather than flying.

Our members have already provided a wealth of recommendations. Our member’s do stress the importance of keeping an open mind and to not limit goals to certain airlines. Our members feel that it is important to think broader and take into account partnerships and alliances. Linking your everyday utility bills with a high point earning supplier can also be an easy way to maximise points on essential spends. Pre-paying tax by credit card is also a nifty way to start earning points fast.

Watch THIS SPACE, as our newbie promises to keep the forum updated on their points project.


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