Friends, Family and Frequent Flyer Fortunes


Sharing your frequent flyer fortunes with family and friends can often be misunderstood. This week our members discuss how much they divulge to their loved ones about their frequent flyer activity.

Some members keep their frequent flying activities in a strict cone of silence. They tire of friends complaining about the injustices of their own frequent flyer failings. They are sick of hearing their friends lament with “you’re so lucky” in reference to their point using strategies. Many members feel that most of their friends and family members aren’t willing to put in the time and effort required to educate themselves on the best use of their chosen scheme.

Other members are happy to share their successes; however most will only go into the details with those friends who are truly interested. Many members have become accustomed to friends and families eyes glazing over when discussing the intricacies of a status run strategy or the like.

However, that is not say that our member’s friends and family do not benefit from their ingenuity. Many of our generous members often use their accrued points to secure a great deal for those who are close to them.

Many of our members enjoy the respite of the frequent flyer forums or our member-arranged SOCIAL EVENTS to meet with like-minded souls.

Follow the discussion HERE.


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