When you need to find an answer, it never hurts to go straight to the source. And our members are a very good source of answers, when it comes to finding out the best job to go for that involves travel.

I am just interested in knowing what line of work most of the high frequent business travellers are in? I don’t mean to be too personal or intrusive. Just interested. I am only 21 and would love a career that travels frequently (apart from the obvious, pilot etc).. Are there any obvious things to look for in a company or Job description? Any hints or tips would be much appreciated!

The obvious answer is to be a travel journalist. They normally get treated to the best seats on the plane and the best rooms in a hotel or ship, in the hope it results in a favourable story in the media. However with recent cutbacks across the world in journalism, there is a good chance it will have to be on a freelance basis rather than a guaranteed pay check every week. Those nice junkets could come with a high price tag if work is sporadic or hard to find.

If travel journalist is not appealing, and pilot/air crew is out of the question, what options does it leave our member? Perhaps chasing a career for its benefits is not the right approach. For many, work travel may not be as glamorous as it appears to others.

I reckon you’re looking at this the wrong way. Find something you love doing so that going to work is a pleasure. If you hate your job and only do it for the travel you will end up hating your life. Travel, as exciting as it is, is sometimes a grind. What you read here is essentially the glamorous side. The getting up with 2-3 hours sleep to travel, and work then returning home that evening can be tiring and ruinous to family life. As someone who is a lot older than you I suggest you find a balance and have a whole life rather than focus on what looks to be exciting at this point in time. Get those qualifications and enjoy life. And if work travel is part of it then great. Otherwise, travel on leave and have fun.

There are also other considerations to be taken into account. Work travel can mean not having the normal lifestyle choices you have at home. Diet and exercise options, as well as quality of life, could suffer as a result.

And it seems to be bad for your health. Airport lounges, hotel food, buffet breakfasts and tiny useless gyms. Many (most?) business travellers are above the optimum weight…

It seems a career involving flying means taking into account more than just the profession when it comes to quality of life. If you had advice for a young person starting out in life, what would it be, join the conversation HERE.


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