Free Qantas points for taking surveys: Is there a catch?

Many members have reported receiving email invitations to take Red Planet surveys since the launch by Qantas Frequent Flyer last week. Free Qantas points are on offer in exchange for joining the Red Planet panel and completing online surveys.

Seems like an interesting new concept from Qantas in their seemingly ever expanding ideas to allow QFF’s to earn points (e.g. Qantas golf club). I signed up to see if I can grab some points on the side by doing a few surveys.

It sounds like an attractive proposition, but are there any catches to be aware of? While there are free Qantas points up for grabs, and filling out an online survey costs nothing but time, the devil is in the fine print. There are some generous points giveaways mentioned, including prizes of up to a million Qantas points, but these are only for a tiny handful of lucky prize draw winners. For everyone else, there’s “up to 300 points” per survey up for grabs. However, individual surveys may earn fewer than 300 points. There is one final catch: no points will be earned at all for surveys completed before August 2015 – i.e. now.

Another consideration is the amount of time the surveys will take. One member reports that they completed two surveys in fifteen minutes, while others report that they took considerably longer. So, for some people with a little free time, the points may be a welcome points top-up. However, others hypothesise that the points return considering the time and effort involved in taking the surveys may be minimal.

You may be wondering what Red Planet actually is. In fact, although it is a Qantas brand, it has nothing to do with flying. Red Planet is a new data marketing business that plans to leverage Qantas’ frequent flyer base of over 10 million members to conduct market research on behalf of other companies. Although Red Planet may in time conduct surveys on behalf of Qantas itself, it would seem that very few surveys will actually be flying-related. Qantas is nonetheless quick to reassure that it will not sell individual members’ data to third parties; rather they will use the data as a whole.

Judging from slides from the Investor Day presentation, plus recent media coverage, it seems to be a (very) clever way to leverage their huge latent QFF membership to sell market research. I suspect there will be limited QFF related-surveys.

Still interested but didn’t receive an invitation to take part? Unfortunately you may be out of luck for now, as participation appears to be by invitation only. Qantas Frequent Flyer members eligible to take part will be notified by email, though there does not seem to have been a discernible pattern in selecting members to invite.

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