In a further dissection of “flying etiquette 101”, our members this week discuss the lowdown on the when and how of donning pyjamas in the sky.

It is a question of etiquette as to whether donning a competing airlines pyjamas is acceptable.  One member opines that provided the pyjamas are clean and tidy than the logo on the breast pocket is irrelevant.  Another member opts to wear their Qatar pyjamas on most flights citing that they are of better quality and comfort.

Our member’s pyjama routine varies with some members preferring to change into them as soon as they hit the cabin to get comfy for take-off .  Other members opt to make the change as soon as the seat belt light is switched off. Whilst other members prefer to dine in their street clothes before settling in for the night after the first meal service.  Most members opt to change back into their regular clothes 2-3 hours prior to landing to avoid the pre-landing toilet rush.

Another member queries weather it is appropriate air-etiquette to wear pyjamas in economy class.  The overwhelming consensus from our members was an attitude of who cares!  Comfort should take precedence over etiquette in such situations.  Our members find that wearing pyjamas saves your street clothes and is likely to improve your chances of sleep.

Share your PJ preferences HERE.


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