Fiji Air to Last Vegas mishaps

Las Vegas is known for its gambling, and one thing that keeps the roulette wheels spinning is the convention business. This week we look at a member’s journey that involves a convention and Las Vegas, and a somewhat different way of getting there.

Organising travel using points often takes a bit of planning some time ahead of the journey. With more popular destinations like the United States, that often means a year or so ahead is the optimal time to book. Without the luxury of that time, our traveller was forced to look at less travelled paths, settling on a journey with Fiji Airways to Los Angeles via Auckland and Nadi. At 80,000 points and a very small amount in taxes/charges, it seemed like a good idea. Then things started to unravel.

It all started on the 2nd of April, four days prior to travel. There were quite a few schedule changes that happened rather quickly one after another. It was around this time I started getting a few calls from Fiji Air – each time I missed them. ….I call Fiji Air. It was honestly the most painful 20 minutes of my life.

When things go wrong, such as schedule changes or delays due to natural disasters, often the rewards traveller does not receive the same benefits as a paid seat traveller. That certainly was the case here, with it being made clear that the changes were a case of take it or leave it, despite the obvious disconnect in flights as a result. As our traveller had not booked with Fiji Air but with Qantas, whose points he was using, it was time to get a second opinion

I get Paul from Melbourne. He is a god-send. Truly world-class customer service. He was shocked that I hadn’t been offered ‘like for like’ and that there ‘wasn’t even an offer of compo’ or ‘at least a reduction in points’….Says he can’t find who’s in charge at Fiji Air but will follow up with a supervisor and call me back in 30 minutes. Promises a resolution. He delivers. Above and beyond.

And it seems, Qantas are as good as their word. The Auckland stop is no longer needed, and our traveller is soon off to the US in Business as originally planned, but via Sydney and Nadi.

Who will they run into on their journey, have the Taxi mafia won their war against Uber in Los Vegas, and where is the best coffee in New York City? These questions and more are answered in this week’s trip report, join the adventure HERE.


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