Falling Back in Love with Airport Lounges

Falling Back in Love with Airport LoungesIf you fly a lot, it’s easy to take airport lounges for granted. But this week an AFF member reminds us of how special they are for travellers that don’t get to visit often.

Nat Z recently visited an airport lounge for the first time and was amazed by just how nice it was. From the free food and drinks on offer, to the peace and quiet, it was a very pleasant escape from the bustling airport terminal.

A few weeks ago I was shouted a business class ticket by a large company. I flew VA. I was in shock. I was so excited the night before that I nearly didn’t sleep. I had always known of the Qantas and V Australia lounges, but I never quite knew what was inside. I didn’t care too much…until I used one. It was so special. I mean, *so* so special you guys. No noise. No waiting in the line for a coffee and croissant. No line for the bathrooms. Nice hand wash. Comfortable chairs. No flights being called at such a loud volume that you can’t hear the person who you’re on the phone to and have to say “sorry about the noise”. I understand that for most of you this would be the norm but it isn’t for me.

This member was so impressed, in fact, that they signed up for an AFF Gold membership and used it to get a discount on Qantas Club membership.

I looked into joining the qantas club immediately after the flight, which is why I’m now here on AFF (discounted QC membership with a gold account)

I’m also very excited to be able to bring a guest in with me (none of my friends use the lounge) Eventually it’ll probably become the norm to me, but I just wanted to point out how special the lounge is!

We’re often quick to point out faults with airline lounges. But most are still much nicer than the main airport terminal! We’re especially lucky to have such well-appointed domestic lounges in Australia. Few other countries have such nice airport lounges in domestic terminals as standard.

It is really great to hear a newbie speak with excitement on the lounges, well done Nat Z. For us oldies, maybe we take them to much for granted and become a bit blasé in our attitude, even picking on the smallest of faults. We should all read your post and seek that passion again.

Airport lounges are normally reserved for Gold and Platinum frequent flyers, as well as Business class passengers. But both Qantas and Virgin Australia also sell lounge memberships. And there are many other ways to gain entry. For example, some credit cards offer complimentary lounge passes. You can also check the AFF Lounge Meetups forum to see if another AFF member happens to be flying at the same time. If so, they may offer to guest you into the lounge.

Join the discussion on the Australian Frequent Flyer forum: What is the attraction of lounges?


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