Complimentary Status Matches for Velocity Members

Achieving status with Virgin Australia doesn’t just give you access to benefits when you fly. Virgin Velocity Gold and Platinum members can also enjoy two complimentary status matches with hotel and car hire loyalty programs.

Velocity members can choose between a status match to an equivalent status tier with either Hilton Honors or the IHG Rewards hotel loyalty programs. In addition, Velocity members can receive a status match with either the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards or Europcar Privilege car hire loyalty programs.

Eligible members can call the Velocity Membership Contact Centre at any time to activate the status match. As it does not need to be done immediately, this gives members the advantage of timing the status match in order to maximise the benefit. For example, one member waited until their existing Hilton HHonors status expired before activating the status match.

My VA WP came through several years ago but held on to HHonors Gold until it expired in March the following year then just rang up VA and requested that they activate my stored HHonors Diamond status.

This is a great perk of Velocity status, but unfortunately you can only use the status match once. Even if you renew your Velocity status, the hotel loyalty status will expire after one year unless it is renewed by staying with the respective hotel chain. The same applies for car hire loyalty program status matches.

These are only single year memberships and they don’t renew – even if you re qualify for VA WP or SG as the case may be.

It used to be the case that Velocity members could re-apply for a status match each time Gold or Platinum status was attained. So, some members would alternate their Velocity status level between Gold and Platinum and apply for a new status match each time. Unfortunately, this loophole now appears all but closed.

There was some evidence of this back around 2011 when the scheme was first introduced, but I’m almost completely certain that its been ‘corrected’ now, for many years, and its truly a once only deal. I don’t believe we can any longer alternate between VA gold and Plat and continually renew the HH membership to alternate between gold and diamond. Its a shame really and something I hope that they review. After all, many many credit cards (worldwide) and at least one inside Aus will give you endless HH status so long as you hold the card, the HH Macquarie Visa is like this. You pay your annual fee, get the card, and are gold HH … next year, you pay the card fee again, and you remain gold.

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