Vulnerable Australians Stranded Overseas – AIR045


Next week, the Australian government will increase the number of Australians that can arrive each week from 4,000 to around 6,000 people. This is a welcome step forward and will definitely help to clear the backlog of Australians stranded overseas. But with at least 24,000 Australians currently registered as stranded – and perhaps closer to 100,000 by airline estimates – is it enough?

In this episode, Matt shares the stories of Australians stuck in the Netherlands. The arrival caps, it seems, are only part of the problem. The more immediate issue is that those Australians in the most vulnerable positions, who can least afford to remain overseas, are the same people that can least afford to pay an extortionate ticket price to get home. Buying an Economy class ticket is not an option with many airlines indefinitely bumping Economy class passengers off flights in favour of those who paid more for a premium ticket. Some airlines have stopped selling Economy tickets altogether.

Also in this episode, Norfolk Island is open for tourism from five Australian states, and will also reopen next month for travel from NSW and ACT! If you’re keen for an overseas holiday, a trip to Norfolk Island is one way to do this without technically leaving the country.


Episode contents:

  • 1:08 – Fortnightly news round-up
  • 9:53 – Australia increases the international arrivals cap
  • 13:41 – Interview with Courtney Devine
  • 26:05 – Other Australians in the Netherlands share their stories
  • 30:28 – Quarantine-free travel to Norfolk Island




Frequent Flyer Gazette articles referenced in the fortnightly news round-up:

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